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Openanon4444 asked 5 years ago • 

so this guy has liked me for 6 months. we were always friends and just 2 months ago we started getting really close, one day … Continue reading “LOVE or HATE?”

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OpenToriGomell asked 5 years ago • 
does he like me?

well got a question for you guys, hope you can help me recently, i started to like a friend of mine(i have known him all … Continue reading “does he like me?”

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OpenApril asked 5 years ago • 
How do I know if a guy flirt with me?

Ok, so in class today, i think I have a guy flirt with me but idk. Can someone help me?

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OpenMonatur asked 5 years ago • 
Confused about this girl

Confused about this girl Okay, so for about a month now, I’ve been speaking to this girl. She knows I like her, and she told … Continue reading “Confused about this girl”

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OpenAnonymous91 asked 5 years ago • 
Friendship Flirtation

I don’t really know where to begin, but I feel like I don’t want to tire my friends out with this since I feel like … Continue reading “Friendship Flirtation”

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Openkikipisces asked 6 years ago • 
will a guy tease you if he likes you?

We met each other last year in June on a small trip..We’re in the same university. He’s doing his first year PhD and I’m a … Continue reading “will a guy tease you if he likes you?”

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OpenSusanita asked 6 years ago • 
what he meant by doing this?????

So I have a question,this guy I like,I told him that tomorrow there is an event that am going to (which I know that he’ll … Continue reading “what he meant by doing this?????”

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OpenHenisha asked 6 years ago • 

I am madly in love with a guy but i do not know if he feels the same way. he acts differentely everytime. one day, … Continue reading “Confused!”

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OpenDreamer93 asked 6 years ago • 
I need advice!! What should I do???

So about 3 weeks ago I went to dinner in my college town and our very cute waiter gave his number to my friend. My … Continue reading “I need advice!! What should I do???”

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Opendsanders520 asked 6 years ago • 
Advice on how to persue a person who is nervous.

Well first off. I’m gay, so I’ll get that down for you. I am interested in a guy I asked out one year ago again. … Continue reading “Advice on how to persue a person who is nervous.”

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OpenIngir1940 asked 6 years ago • 

So I am rather shy when it comes to girls, and with a new semester starting I was hoping to turn that around and actually … Continue reading “Advice?”

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OpenApril asked 6 years ago • 
It okay to give a number out?

ok, I be talking to this for about two weeks and this week, he give me his cell number and I am wonder should I … Continue reading “It okay to give a number out?”

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OpenStayingStrong asked 6 years ago • 
What shall I do?

So i met this guy today and we hit it off straight away. We would chat, take the mick out of each other and also … Continue reading “What shall I do?”

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Openpoeticmoustache asked 6 years ago • 
How to dismantle a friend zone?

I fell really hard for this guy about a month ago, and he seemed interested. We hung out and texted a lot, and one night … Continue reading “How to dismantle a friend zone?”

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OpenBen_Smith asked 6 years ago • 
What should I do?

Hi, I’m a student in high school and I was just wondering about this girl. She is really sweet and funny, but she is also … Continue reading “What should I do?”

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