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How to interact with Peru women

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lucky32 asked 2 years ago

I’ve decided to book a singles tour package to Peru for Feb. 8, 2018 with A Foreign Affair but, I have a problem… I’ve never met nor mingled with any Peruvian lady. Now I worry that I’d make a mess during the events. To be honest, this trip is more of an out-of-a-whim decision and I really have no clue about Peru. I just know that the Peruvian women are family-oriented and loyal partners to have.
Would someone who knows more about Peru and its people enlighten me? I’d like to know the things I should and shouldn’t do… I’m sure that there are certain things that may be normal for us Americans but is considered rude elsewhere. I want to make a good impression and hopefully someone to fall in love with me. I’d like to get some suggestions on where to go so I can appreciate the country more. To all the kind people– thanks in advance!