I need advice about theses messages!

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oklm asked 8 months ago

my Ex gf accused me of transmitting her a STD after 3 months of breakup.
we’ve been together for 6 months n things went mad then I decided to end the relationship as she was cheating on me, after 2 weeks of crying, begging and everything I gave her an other chance but it didn’t work so I decided to move on, I was on NC day 39 and texted her to check the water (I wanted to get back and give her a hand as she did a lot for me and we broke up while she had financial issue) then she rang and say “I had a bad operation and nearly died because of you, can u come at mine?” I rushed there and she started talking sh***t, I had this operation (I’ve seen it) had all my birth tubes removed from my stomach and can’t have a baby anymore and all this because of you, you gave me this disease bla bla bla and kick me out of her house, I couldn’t believe the way she was, kicked me out in the cold, the worst is she’s telling everyone that I am the one she had sex with this year and I’m the one who gave her this sh***t. The thing is after our breakup I saw her several times going out with different folks, we live in the a small city and she will ruin my reputation even with girls I’m meeting as I know her. really suffering about this, can someone help me with an advice???