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lucky32 asked 2 years ago

I’m a Colombian woman that registered in A Foreign Affair to find love but I know that most people have this misconception about joining international matchmaking sites.

I can not speak for all the women, but I am financially stable and have goals in life. I’m satisfied being in my country.

I’m just tired of dating someone who doesn’t have marriage in mind.

I would like to date someone I know has the same goal.
I have a degree in business, fluent in English and travel. I’m sure you’re thinking why can’t I just date the men in my country until I find “the one.”

That idea is frustrating. It’s not that I’m lazy. I am willing to if it’s the only way.
However, AFA made it easy and gave me some peace of mind knowing that when I meet someone, they are looking for something serious.

I have never joined singles tour held here in Medellin but I have heard of it.
I have tried corresponding with some men and sometimes they are just interested in someone else more than me…

so I’m putting my foot in this upcoming singles tour.
There’s still a few months before then so I still have time to give this online dating a chance too… but I’m leaning in favor of singles tour more.

If any of you ladies here is interested to know more about this, just hit me up or respond to this thread! Buena suerte para todos nosotros! 😉