My girlfriend’s family doesn’t approve of our online relationship

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nathan28 asked 1 year ago

I met my Filipina girlfriend online through a dating site called loveme. We got along really quickly and we’ve been communicating for about a year and a half now. After all the time we spent together via video calls and chat, we figured it was time to see each other. I decided to visit her in the Philippines.
My problem is that her family are quite traditional in all forms –including romance. They don’t really approve of our online relationship since we live thousands of miles away from each other. I’ve deeply fallen in love with this woman and I’m confident that she feels the same way. Another problem with her family that they’ve mentioned is our age gap. I’m too old for her and they are concerned about how things would turn out in our relationship.
I want to prove that I am worthy as a partner and can genuinely love her and her family. I initially planned to take them out and show them how I truly am when I visit my girlfriend and her family. I’m so nervous about the whole situation since I’ve already been thinking about future marriage plans.
If things do go well, I plan on proposing to her. How can I prove to her family that I’m fit to be their daughter’s lover? How can I approach them and how can I handle the situation when I finally get to see my girlfriend? Guys, I’m desperate for help!