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AnsweredJenna answered 2 years ago • 
My ex-boyfriend found someone better than me?

I found this forum while thrawling the web for a site where I could get help. I know that this post is really long but … Continue reading “My ex-boyfriend found someone better than me?”

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OpenEvolzippo answered 2 years ago • 
loving a girl that is a lot younger

i have the problem that i feel love for a girl thats 10 years younger than me (i’m 26 she is 16) and i’m feeling … Continue reading “loving a girl that is a lot younger”

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OpenChicknbut asked 6 years ago • 
Go to the gym

If you were already feeling like you were gaining weight and your boyfriend told you to go to the gym. How would that make you … Continue reading “Go to the gym”

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OpenRebecca_Green asked 6 years ago • 
what to do when your partner is selfish

So…tell me if I’m wrong. Is it wrong to say ” this day was a waste” after spending an hour at the hospital specialist with … Continue reading “what to do when your partner is selfish”

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OpenPatricia_McGuire asked 6 years ago • 

I have  been talking to this guy I met on a dating site for about 3 wks. Not that I am really expecting anything to … Continue reading “WHAT TO DO”

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OpenMovingalong asked 6 years ago • 
My ex is saying slander against me and is destroying my reputation

Before I continue i must first say this is a he/she said converstion and I don’t know how to get her to leave me alone … Continue reading “My ex is saying slander against me and is destroying my reputation”

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Opensoul asked 6 years ago • 
Ex-gf hates me so much, but still loves me. Help please?!?

My ex-gf told me she hates me so much, she hates the way she is towards me and how she just takes everything all back … Continue reading “Ex-gf hates me so much, but still loves me. Help please?!?”

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Openwhatsername28 asked 6 years ago • 
Most passionate and hurtful relationship I’ve been in so far

No advice needed. All I need is to vent and heal. I’d rather not talk to my friends about this because they basically have no … Continue reading “Most passionate and hurtful relationship I’ve been in so far”

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OpenBeckylouise asked 6 years ago • 

is it good to tell a person what you were talking about them ?

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Opencat_woman asked 7 years ago • 
Sick Of Users

I get so frustrated because most times it seems if i actually make freinds with other females I end up getting used!! It isn’t always … Continue reading “Sick Of Users”

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OpenXigel asked 6 years ago • 
Why oh why is the molecular construction of my chromosomes.

Bored, girlfriends on holiday for 2 weeks and im absolutely bored shitless.. what do you guys do when your other half is gone? 

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Openshadowdog049 asked 6 years ago • 

So, This Is A H**l Of.a Story. I’m not looking for advice or anything. I just want my story to be heard by the world. … Continue reading “Abuse”

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Openlostnotloved asked 6 years ago • 
why does he continue to lie cheat and destroy his family

I am writing to let off some steam. Real men don’t cheat lie or abuse you is true. I have only been with all of … Continue reading “why does he continue to lie cheat and destroy his family”

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OpenNold1948 asked 6 years ago • 
Would your parents support you if you came out as gay / lesbian?

What would your parents say if you came out as being gay or lesbian? Would they be supportive?

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Openhat27 asked 6 years ago • 
Mixed signals!! Should I be concerned?

So I met this guy through a mutual friend’s wedding. At the wedding we kind of hooked up and made out for a while and … Continue reading “Mixed signals!! Should I be concerned?”

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