Retroactive Jealousy?

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bbylex asked 4 years ago

Hello there, I’m requesting help from whoever can give it…

Lately, for a few months now, my girlfriend and I have been arguing almost constantly about her past. She slept with two guys, she didn’t neccesarily want it but she still went through with it, this was 2 years ago, before I was even in her life. She has regretted it since the second they both happened, she hated herself for a long time but accepted that there was no way to change the fact… I, myself, have slept with over 10 girls in a short amount of time, I regret that. We both wish we could back in time to fix our past, but obviously that’s not possible.

Why do I feel like this? How can I stop being mean towards her and let go of the past? I’m not insecure or anything, I know I’m better than them and that I’ve pleased her more than they could ever. I’m tired of the arguments and how upset we get with each other. She isn’t upset about my past, so why am I with hers?