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Should I tell her boyfriend

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RoquetteLauncher asked 3 years ago

To start off, I just want to say that I trust my S/O completely despite this whole ordeal. Now that that’s out of the way, I’ll start from the beginning. My boyfriend and I went into town about a week ago so he could get a couple new suits for an upcoming wedding. I hate standing around Men’s Warehouse while he’s trying things on and getting measurements so I decided to stay in the car. After about twenty minutes I started to get really bored. I pulled out the owner’s guide for his car to see if I could get the Bluetooth working so I could listen to music from my phone. When I look in the little binder that the manual came in, BAM, there were several developed selfies of this trashy chick with a duck face. On the back of the photos it showed she had developed them just days prior. I was so pissed and freaked out I literally thought about barging into Men’s Warehouse and causing a huge I-can’t-believe-you’re-cheating scene. I thought better of it and waited until he got to the car. When he finally did, I confronted him about it. He told me that it was this girl from work who had posted all those pictures in his cubical when he wasn’t there. Once he saw them the next day, he took them down and stuffed them in his back pocket, making plans of throwing them away later. Instead, he forgot about them and the pictures were still in his pocket when he pulled into the driveway after getting off work. He knew it would look bad so he just stuffed them in the manual and then into the glove box. He told me that his boss got involved and transferred her, thankfully. Now had he just told me this the day it happened, we’d be laughing about the weirdo chick at his work who taped her developed Facebook selfies in his cubical like a twelve year old girl. But since he hid it from me I was super irked. I wanted to know who the h**l this woman was and why she would try to ruin a solid 6 year relationship. My boyfriend wouldn’t tell me her name and said I should just forget about it. I could not forget about it. So much that I went full stalker mode and went through the Facebook friends list of everyone he works with until I finally found her. Turns out she’s married, and has been for barely a year. Finding this out literally made me sick to my stomach. Not only does she want to be a side chick but she wants to go behind her husband’s back. What I want to know is: should I reach out to her husband and let him know that his wife isn’t faithful or should I just leave it? I don’t want to cause problems at my boyfriends workplace nor do I want him to be blamed by the husband for all of this. But I do think it would be unfair for this guy to waste his life on a woman who isn’t faithful. I’m not sure what I should do, or what I should say to keep the peace if I do decide to tell him.