Openlove_sick_kiwi asked 4 years ago • 
I miss my ex partner

She was not only my partner but also my best friend, we had known each other for 2.5yrs and right away we clicked as best … Continue reading “I miss my ex partner”

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OpenAndrea_Hillier asked 4 years ago • 

i met a guy in october 2012 he says he loves me but isnt ready for a relationship what would you do

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OpenSquinky asked 5 years ago • 
His ex

how should i tell my boyfriend i’m uncomfotable with him going into business with his ex girlfriend

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OpenOso asked 4 years ago • 
I married my soulmate….my wife didn’t

One month ago, I found out that my wife has been having an affair with a long time friend of hers. This affair has been … Continue reading “I married my soulmate….my wife didn’t”

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OpenJaylynn asked 4 years ago • 
First comes friends then comes love to a married man

I am recently divorced and started seeing a former co worker from many years ago. He said him and his wife filed for divorce many … Continue reading “First comes friends then comes love to a married man”

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OpenBeckylouise asked 4 years ago • 

my boyfriend is getting all my friends to ignore to ignore me what should i do?

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Openavfcadamx asked 4 years ago • 
I give up totally!

Look im a 18 year old lad, and only ever had to relationships one for 6 months and one for 2ys. My ex left me … Continue reading “I give up totally!”

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Openalyson asked 4 years ago • 
Will it always be this way

I met my boyfried on line, we had been together almost 3 years happily so i thought, when i started to find messages and txts … Continue reading “Will it always be this way”

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Openavfcadamx asked 4 years ago • 
I fell in love, too scared to do it again!

Hello all i fell in love back in june 2011 an was with the first and only girl until april 2013 when she left me … Continue reading “I fell in love, too scared to do it again!”

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OpenLemonsGreen asked 4 years ago • 
I’m really confused Pregnant GF

We have been together off and on for four months. When got pregnant things got confusing she started pushing me away and ignoring my calls … Continue reading “I’m really confused Pregnant GF”

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Opengia01 asked 4 years ago • 
Matter worsened.Avoiding me even more.Can anything be done?

So (for people who don’t know)to cut short,Ron and I were really attracted to each other for more than 7 months,We were really good friends … Continue reading “Matter worsened.Avoiding me even more.Can anything be done?”

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OpenBrittany_Lynn_Butschli asked 5 years ago • 
This ones for the guys.

I need your honest opinions on this because its something that i think gets alot of females confused! Now if a guys a true player … Continue reading “This ones for the guys.”

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OpenBoots5726 asked 4 years ago • 
My man looks at porn and i dont like it

My man of close to 5 yrs looks at porn… I kno that some women dont mind that their man does but it bothers me … Continue reading “My man looks at porn and i dont like it”

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Opencanasianxoxo asked 5 years ago • 
Planning too early?

So my bf is 20 and i’m 16. Its a 4 year age difference and i know I am young but my parents love him … Continue reading “Planning too early?”

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OpenJamie_Williams asked 4 years ago • 
off and on

Need advice. After two month of dating, july 2012 we got pregnant. Ever since he feels like he’s been trying to gain strong feelings for … Continue reading “off and on”

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