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I’m 7 1/2 mo pregnant w a 10 mo old baby. any tips?

HomeCategory: PregnancyI’m 7 1/2 mo pregnant w a 10 mo old baby. any tips?
QTzLover asked 6 years ago

So my son is due late may. And my daughter will be 1 in early June. I’m so nervous on how I’m gonna do this. I have no clue. It might be easier if they were the same age n on the same sleeping n eating schedules. But I know they will be completely different n both will need Alot of my undivided attention. Which is not very possible. I’m so nervous! Not to mention, I will have very little help from anyone. My siblings are always busy since they have their own kids n jobs. My parents live hours away and their dad is too incompetent and frankly stupid for me to feel like I can trust he’ll keep them safe if I ask him to give me a break from the kids. So I’m in desperate need of tips from ppl that have been in my shoes. PLEASE!