Would women tell their nice female friends: “It’syour own fault”

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Larry_Howes asked 4 years ago

Women love telling off guys that, not being handsome or studly or made out of money who decide being decent and considerate to be the only hope of meeting someone, that not only do we not have gfs because we make an effort to e nice, that we deserve to be reduced to marginalized laughing-stocks.  Then of course they run around with the studly guys that will take full advantage of their constant opportunities to cheat, because apparently, those are “real men”.

But that’s old news.  Do women tell their nice friends who might be a little plain and on the shy side that they deserve to be tgnored, left out when hugs and kisses go ’round?  If not, why is it okay to tell the imperfect representatives of one gender that they deserve to be treated like trash but not the other gender members who have the same challenges and respond in the same way?