Hmm…have I lost his interest in me?

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ladyevie13 asked 7 years ago

So I began talking to a guy online for several weeks, every day for hours on end. We met up and spent hours talking. We texted every night, when I got home from work or whenever we had a free time. 

He treated me like an actual lady. Opened doors for me, wouldn’t hit on me unless I told him that it was okay, paid for lunch/dinner, etc. 

We met last sunday, talked for hours on end before we went our seperate ways and ever since then we have talked maybe twice and only for a few minutes. And when we do, he seems to be super distracted and doesn’t want to talk to me. Its now like pulling teeth to get him to have a conversation with me. 

Now I have only tried to start the conversations since but I don’t want to be poking or annoying him. He has yet to even start talking to me like he would when we first began talking as he would intiate ever conversation. 

Has he lost interest in me or am I reading too much into it? It’s just so a shock for me when we talk so much in the beginning and then all of a sudden he just doesn’t want to talk anymore.