I’m completely unhappy.

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willowx asked 4 years ago

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for around 4.5 years.  We started out happy and fine but for the past year I can tell my feelings have been changing.  I’ve changed a lot as time’s gone on and he hasn’t.

I’ve been feeling unhappy in our relationship for a while now and I just try to brush it off, but now it’s really taking a toll on me.  I’m constantly unhappy and stressed anytime I think about my relationship.  I just don’t think we’re right for each other at all.  We have nothing in common and we’re just awkwardly and uncomfortably different.  It’s hard to explain but I just don’t feel the same as I used to, and I’m simply not happy.  

Everyone I’ve talked to has told me to do what makes me happy, or to break up with him.  I honestly would do this but he’s recently practically begged me to stay with him.  He says he needs me.  I know he’d be better off without me but he won’t seem to think so no matter what I say.