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Curcasiblia asked 9 months ago

I am in a relationship since last 4 years now.. My boyfriend loved me a lot during the initial stages of the relationship.. later on I started becoming a lil fat although I am not that unhealthy but I am not even fit.. so he doesn’t find me attractive anymore but keeps on telling me that he loves me. Contradict to this he doesn’t respect me or gives importance. His family is always first for him.. they do support me but I don’t think that way.. I guess they all have the same thinking and they don’t like me. After every small fight my boyfriend keeps on telling me that I am fat and I don’t look good neither I am understanding him and so he wants to breakup and then he abuses me a lot. After a few days he will again come to me call me or meet and say that it was my fault and I am the culprit and again I have to apologize for everything.. what do I do ? We both are loyal to each other but I really love him a lot. Also we are hardly having intimacy in our relationship because he doesn’t enjoys making love to me.