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Catenthe asked 7 months ago

I met a girl and we’ve been dating for the past 6 months, we’ve always lived far away from each other. I never got to see her in person, I am 17 years old and she is 16. We loved each other and we thought that we were both meant for one another. When I finally saved enough money to go visit her, I told her that I was visiting. And the following day she texted me saying that she no longer has any feelings for me and that everything was just too much for her to handle. I was completely blind sided, she asked if we could at least be friends, and I agreed, because I thought that becoming her friend will help me get her back. But she seems really cold towards me, she never texts me first, her answers are short, she texts me back after a while, and makes excuses to why she could not answer at the moment. She never did any of those things when we were dating. She has already moved on,she posted pictures over instagram and snapchat. And I am just still completely devastated to this day. Everythng happened so fast and I wish I could have said something differently that could have changed her mind. I really want her back, but I need to give her and myself time. She told me that she was only 16 and she had a lot to go through, I really love her and I would do anything for her. I’m trying my best to be her friend but she is not doing the same. Is there any possible way for us to go back to what we were, to date her and not do the same mistakes, she said that she is unable to fall back in love with me. But I really do love her, can anyone please help me or give me an advice to what I should do. Thank you