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Nikita Goyal asked 1 year ago

I am in very serious problem.My mother dont know about that i am in relationship with my best friend.We are in this very serious relationship from 4 years .One day i was not in a good mood and my bf was explaining and counsolling me just then my mother heard it and she just snatched my phone and said wrong words to him.It was so disrespectful in the way she spoke to him.he is a very respectful man and know i want to regain my mothers trust and respect about my bf again in her.What should i do ?Please Please help.We dont want to tell anyone from our families about us until we both dont stand on our feet He is earning right know and had a business but we dont want to tell them until 3years.I just want to sort the things in such  away that they dont get to know about us and also my mother starts respecting him again.