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Openjustwanttruelove25 asked 6 years ago • 
Should i stay or should i go?

So ive been with my boyfriend for over a year now, but all we do is argue, about everything. we also work opposite shifts but … Continue reading “Should i stay or should i go?”

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OpenS asked 6 years ago • 
I don’t no what to do anymore

I’ve been with this guy for 6 months we new each other for Awhile before we took the next step At first it was good … Continue reading “I don’t no what to do anymore”

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OpenBerin579 asked 6 years ago • 
How to get respect from his kids?

My bf and I have been together almost two years. A couple of months ago, his oldest (he has three girls, 2,6,and 11) has started … Continue reading “How to get respect from his kids?”

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Openlovely_heart asked 6 years ago • 
A distance relationship

Just want to share this situation I just want an advise for my friends relationship status.. A Long Distance relationship His boyfriend is cheating he … Continue reading “A distance relationship”

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OpenLemonsGreen asked 6 years ago • 
Girlfriend is 31 and pregnant an i have to sneak in a window

So my girlfriends family is staying with her so I have to sneak in and out the window. I’m 26 and I’m to old for … Continue reading “Girlfriend is 31 and pregnant an i have to sneak in a window”

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Openlostinlove asked 6 years ago • 
Long distant relationship

I could really use some advice.  My first crush when I was 10 found me on fb in April, I’m 51 now.  We have been … Continue reading “Long distant relationship”

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OpenGeordie883 asked 6 years ago • 
My Girlfriend Constantly Texts My Bestfriend

Basically the question I’m asking is pretty simple, should I be worried? Me and my girlfriend have been together for 10 months, and everything was … Continue reading “My Girlfriend Constantly Texts My Bestfriend”

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OpenMari asked 6 years ago • 

I need someone’s opinion on this.  My boyfriend has this incredible love for his cat.  I like cats but I’ve never seen anyone behave like … Continue reading “Cat?”

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OpenHelena asked 6 years ago • 
is swinging acceptable or abuse?

I desperately need some advice my head is spinning. Im getting married later this year to a man I love more than I thought possible. … Continue reading “is swinging acceptable or abuse?”

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OpenBleall asked 6 years ago • 
Need someone advice

Hello everyone, I’m 22 years old and I never has a boyfriend. I just feel that I need one, I don’t have this feeling that … Continue reading “Need someone advice”

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OpenTiffany_Hughes asked 6 years ago • 
Kids – I want, he doesnt, is it selfish?

I’ll try to keep this short and simple.  My bf and I have a 23 yr age difference.  He is perfect marriage material for me, … Continue reading “Kids – I want, he doesnt, is it selfish?”

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OpenLemonsGreen asked 6 years ago • 
Wake up to phone call at 3 am from Girlfriend

I wake to phone at 3 am missed the call and called right back not even one min later she don’t pick up. I look … Continue reading “Wake up to phone call at 3 am from Girlfriend”

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