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The girl I'm interested in can't speak English…I need HELP!!!

HomeCategory: DatingThe girl I'm interested in can't speak English…I need HELP!!!
humbleman555 asked 2 years ago

There’s this girl I’m interested in, I met her through A Foreign Affair,
she’s from Bangkok, Thailand and she barely speaks English.
The services of AFA has provided a free translator and have been translating for us.
When we had our first call it was a bit awkward… but she’s still someone I’m interested in.
I’m just a bit worried about how genuine her words really are.
Let’s be honest, translations aren’t as accurate as we want them to be. So, now I am thorn.
I want to know more about her because she seems to be a real sweetheart but at the same time,
I can’t be completely sure about how we will be able to talk to each other,
especially when things work out between us. What should I do? I really need some advice and help!!!
Should I still continue and try my luck with her? Advice please!