What do I need to know before dating an Asian girl

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lucky30 asked 2 years ago

I’ve joined a site called A Foreign Affair and have started to correspond with someone from Cebu, Philippines. Her name is Mary Ann and she’s 15 years younger than me. Through our conversation the number is nonexistent.
We exchange letters everyday and we’re definitely starting to know each other. I’ve started to think of possibly establishing a relationship with her, but I’d like to meet here in person. I’ll be joining the singles tour to Cebu this coming Jan. 25, 2018.
I want to make a good impression upon her, so I have questions to all the fellas out there who are dating or married an Asian girl. Is there anything I’m supposed to be wary of before engaging anything serious with them? Are there things that might not be considered disrespectful to us but is to them? I’ve heard that Asians are very close with their families so I’d like to know if I’ll have to bring anything to give to her family if ever things go well?
I could really use some good advice… help!!!