Tank top woes

Credit: Facebook

This poor man wanted a tank top, most likely to wear to the gym. Sadly, this tank top is more of a dress and it’s not the most practical thing in the world. To be fair, while it’s almost definitely not what he wanted, it does highlight his gym gains.

A stinky photobomb

Credit: Tiktok

A review photo gone wrong, it’s definitely one of those “when you see it” moments. This poor woman was just showing off her latest crop top that she bought online for only 6.95 Australian dollars. Sadly, her achievement was ruined by a guy sitting on the toilet behind her.

We can’t see the difference

Credit: Tiktok

A fan favourite of Shein shoppers, so many people are really impressed by the price and quality of this blonde wig. While his photo is blurry, we love how iconic this man looks and his confidence is a beautiful thing to see.

The magical shrinking dress

Credit: Reddit

This makes no sense, why would the people who made this cute dress go to the effort of designing, modelling, and listing it online, only for it be so much smaller than it should be? While this is disappointing, at least it makes for an entertaining review.

Imagine trying to get ready with this thing

Credit: Tiktok

You might want to have some funky and abstract home décor, but that doesn’t mean that your plans will succeed. This poor woman will have a real challenge getting ready in the morning, with these mirrors that distort everything that they reflect.

A disturbing face pillow

Credit: Reddit

The original poster of this photo decided to buy his girlfriend a pillow with his face on to keep her company while she was away at college. While it’s a cute gesture, it didn’t work out as planned. The pillow looks like a cross between a potato and the stuff of nightmares.

A hair care accessory unlike any other

Credit: Tiktok

This drying cap is functional, but it looks quite funny. While this woman is using her hair drying cap as the designers intended, that is to say on her head, we can’t help but think that it would also double as a Halloween accessory.

They belong on your ears

Credit: Tiktok

What crazy designer thought that it was a good idea to make these hideous doll head earrings? While this woman is clearly going for a Halloween-vibe, the fact that she chose to wear them in her nose is somehow even worse.

Animal pillowcase and child

Credit: Reddit

We can’t believe that the seller tricked everyone with their bizarre pillowcase, combining the supposed dinosaur design with the child in the ad. That said, we feel sorry for the buyers who will have bought this unusual, if somewhat amusing, pillowcase.

An unexpected customer base

Credit: Tiktok

These yellow flower earrings are stunning, if a bit long. They’re perfect for spring, and people who love pops of colour. While the woman wearing these earrings in the photo has a dark and moody style that doesn’t quite fit, it isn’t surprising that shoppers loved her picture.