Avoid purchasing a blow dryer


If your blow dryer malfunctions, it may be best to forego a replacement. Opting to air-dry your hair not only saves time but also reduces your electric bill. Furthermore, excessive blow drying can be detrimental to the hair. It may be advisable to restrict blow drying to salon appointments.

Avoid purchasing cheap shampoo


Inexpensive, lathering shampoos tend to strip the hair of its natural oils. Consequently, purchasing such products can be a squandered expense. Washing your hair once a week may be sufficient, though this may vary depending on your lifestyle and the climate of your location.

Avoid wearing loud or neon clothing


Is drawing attention to yourself really your objective with these clothing choices? Outfits with neon colors or bold prints can be unflattering since they can create the illusion of a larger appearance. Unless your intention is to halt road traffic,, it may be wise to avoid such garments.

Avoid wearing clothing with large graphics


If you happen to possess a slim and toned physique, that’s fantastic. However, it may be best to avoid certain clothing designs if you don’t. Such styles can highlight areas of your body that you’d rather conceal. Opting for smaller prints and designs is likely to be more flattering.

Select small floral prints


Consider small, floral prints that exude warmth and quaintness. These patterns don’t scream for attention but are likely to catch the eye of passersby. Furthermore, such prints tend to be particularly flattering for women in their 50s.

Choose small polka dots or houndstooth patterns


There are various other alternatives to consider when avoiding neon and bold prints. Take note of how these options enhance the overall appearance without appearing pretentious or attention-grabbing. By selecting such designs, you’ll radiate confidence and beauty effortlessly.

Avoid uncomfortable shoes


Allow young women to wear stilettos however they please. It’s time for you to prioritize comfort instead. As you age, your feet tend to widen, making it impractical to wear high heels for extended periods. Can you realistically expect to cram your feet into stilettos and walk for hours on end?

Select a kitten heel


If you’re determined to wear heels, consider opting for kitten heels which are more comfortable for your feet. Alternatively, you could choose sandals or flats that are stylish and comfortable. With these options, you can walk for hours without experiencing any discomfort or pain.

Opt for flats


Take a look at these shoes that offer both comfort and style. They’re incredibly cute and will complement any outfit you choose. So, choose your style and color options wisely, as there are plenty to select from. You can have fun trying out different options with so many styles and colors available.

Avoid attempting to stretch shoes that are too small


Believing that shoes will stretch to fit your feet if they’re too small is a common misconception. It’s essential to select the correct size, taking both length and width into account. If you do end up with the wrong size, it’s best to return them rather than trying to force your feet into them, which can be painful.

Gaudy makeup


As you age, you naturally occur lines and texture in your skin. Slapping on heaps and heaps of bright, gaudy makeup on your face won’t be flattering, and will actually age you. Avoid looking like a clown, and keep your makeup choices simple, but stylish.

Plunging necklines


Tasteful dresses with a bit of skin on display are okay, but avoid dresses that overly expose your cleavage. Not only will deep necklines draw unwanted attention to your breasts, but it also may highlight any wrinkles on your neck or chest. Keep it classy, and leave plunging necklines on the rack.

Baggy clothing


You may be tempted to hide your body in baggy clothes, feeling more comfortable in the loose fabric. Instead of covering up your insecurities, baggy clothing actually draws more attention to them, making you look heavier than you are. Stick to clothes that fit your frame properly.

Crop tops


While you might see many over-50 celebs wearing fancy crop tops on the red carpet, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best look for you. Though they’re a bold fashion statement, in your day-to-day life, it’s probably best to leave this risqué clothing choice to the youth.

Hot pants

Credit: Jaimie Wilson via Flickr

If you can pull them off, more power to you! For most of us above a certain age, however, hot pants should be retired. If you’re not a cheerleader, a dancer, or a yoga instructor, there’s no real reason for you to have hot pants as a part of your wardrobe.

Out-of-shape sweaters


Out-of-shape sweaters aren’t a good look. With long, droopy sleeves or short, cuffed hems, these pieces of clothing can age you tenfold, swallowing your frame in a swarm of fabric. Warped sweaters can also make it look as though you haven’t made any effort with your outfit, choosing comfort over style.

Elastic waistbands

Credit: Auckland Museum via Wikimedia Commons

They may be comfortable, but elastic waistbands are so unflattering. A better option is to purchase some tie-waist trousers, maintaining comfort but looking much more chic. If you insist on wearing an item with an elastic waistband, make sure it’s hidden – match it with a long, flowing top to cover up the uncomplimentary fabric.



Not only are Crocs a fashion faux par of the highest degree, they’re also not great for your feet. While they may feel like walking in slippers and offer plenty of ventilation, they lack arch and heel support, potentially leading to long-term foot problems.



Fleeces are unflattering, frumpy, and out of style. A lot of older women wear fleeces to maintain comfort and warmth – but there are many other options to achieve such a feat. Wear a cozy, warm sweater paired with a sleek, well-fitting blazer. You’ll feel better than you would in a frumpy fleece.

Loud accessories


Bold, loud accessories are outdated, garish, and distasteful. This rings especially true if you wear a huge selection of bold accessories all at once, pairing chunky necklaces with huge hoops. Strip it back, wear just one or two pieces of dainty jewelry for a classier look.

Jeans with lots of holes or rips


Ripped jeans can be stylish and chic, adding a youthful edge to your outfit. Jeans with too many holes in, however, can appear unkempt and untidy – giving the impression of trying too hard to look youthful. If you wear ripped jeans, make sure you go with a classy top to compliment them.

Outdated styles


Just because it looked good in the 80s, doesn’t mean it looks good now. Avoid outdated prints, clunky shoes, and nasty fabrics. Wear clothing with a modern edge, rather than clinging to times long gone. Sometimes, there’s a good reason why fashion trends move on and we leave things in the past.

All-black outfits


You may opt for an all-black outfit given its sleek, slimming effects. While it’s true darker colors can have this effect, they can also make you look washed out and pale, draining the rosy glow from your skin tone. A dash of black is okay, but make sure you pair it with a pop of color.

Too closely matching clothes


Not everything in your wardrobe has to match. Avoid purchasing items that are too closely colored. If you go for an orange look, don’t go all the way with orange shoes, orange accessories, and orange makeup. Mix it up a bit with different colors, textures, and patterns.

Ignore fashion trends that don’t suit your body


Fashion trends are forever changing, so much so that’s it’s almost impossible to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not. Endlessly striving to wear what’s current will only leave you in clothing that doesn’t compliment your frame, potentially looking a bit try-hard. Stick to what you know.

Showing too much skin


Don’t purchase items that show too much skin. Your skin starts to sag and wrinkle as you age, so revealing items of clothing only accentuate your insecurities. While you don’t need to completely cover yourself, make sure that the clothing you do buy remains tasteful.

Cheap clothing


Cheap clothing is a no-go for any age, but especially later in life. Most cheap fashion items don’t sit properly on the body, which can make you look out of proportion. Not only do bargain fabrics look unflattering on the body, they’re also flimsy and thin, ripping easily.

Sparkles and glitter


Avoid buying pieces of clothing that are embellished with heaps of sparkles or glitter. Once you hit a certain age, these types of items go from being youthful to tacky. Of course, save that glitzy dress for special occasions, but in terms of day-to-day outfits, it’s best to keep it simple.

Old-fashioned skirts


Nothing shows your age quite like a frumpy skirt. You want to keep it classy, of course, and not show too much skin. However, that comes with a limit. A loose skirt flowing down to your ankles in bland beige colors isn’t a flattering fit, and will make you look old beyond your years.

Junior clothing


Just because you can fit into junior clothes, it doesn’t mean that you should. Clothes for teens are streaked with bright logos, light fabrics, and on-trend styles. If you have a petite frame, browse online for clothing items that are designed for your body type – and your age.

Cheap jewelry


Cheap jewelry looks, well, cheap. Not every piece of jewelry you buy has to be expensive, of course, but it’s more about the way it looks and feels. Does your bracelet feel like it might snap if you get it caught? If so, leave it on the shelf. Furthermore, jewelry made from cheap metals can stain your skin green, which isn’t a good look.

Heavy earrings


You’re never too old to try bold fashion choices. When it comes to big, chunky earrings, however, it’s best to err on the side of caution. Your earlobes naturally drop as you age, so wearing a pair of heavy earrings only elongates your ear, making you look older. Simple studs of lighter materials are recommended for a sleeker look.

Bright hair dyes

Credit: julochka via Flickr

The methods you use to hide those gray hairs may actually be aging you more. There’s nothing wrong with opting for a bright hairdo, but just ensure that it’s the right color for you. If you already have a pale complexion, going for blues and greens will only wash you out, highlighting any wrinkles and blemishes.

Wireframe glasses


Wireframe glasses offer a retro, vintage appeal. That’s all well and good for hipsters in their 20s, but as a mature woman, you may want to avoid fashion from decades long since passed. Go for chunkier-framed glasses, helping to thin your face and offer a stylish appeal.

Thigh high hems


While you don’t want to wear dresses that are too long, you also want to avoid items that are too short, for fear of looking too tacky. For the most flattering look, it’s recommended that your dress sits just above your knee, showing off a bit of skin but always staying classy.

Tight-fitting clothes


Clothes that are too tight will highlight all of your lumps and bumps, leading to an unflattering appearance. Not only will it look unappealing, but the outfit will also be highly uncomfortable if its constantly sticking to your skin. Make sure you try before you buy to compliment your figure!

Outdated jeans


Acid-wash jeans might’ve suited you a decade ago, but it might be time to mix up your style. Denim can be a great addition to any closet, but only if the styling suits your body. Baggy, faded jeans with torn bottoms aren’t so flattering.

Neutral colors


You don’t have to avoid neutral colors at all times, but it’s best to practice some restraint. Wearing an entire outfit centered on plain, beige fabrics can look much harsher on older skin, washing you out. Add a pop of color here and there to avoid looking worn.

Large hats


Wearing a hat that’s too large throws your body out of proportion, giving the illusion of being top-heavy. A wide brim on a small face can be overbearing. Likewise, a hat that’s too small can look comical. Go for hats that fit your head, but don’t swallow you up.

Gladiator sandals


There’s no bigger statement piece than knee-high gladiator sandals. They draw a huge amount of attention to your legs, which, depending on your confidence, can have mixed results. Gladiator sandals also need to be paired with a very short skirt or dress, meaning it’s a look that only a few can successfully pull off.