guyTo all the men out there, us girls all know that deep down that manly exterior, you are a little boy at heart. You just want to be out there playing with your pals or building dens out of pillows.


Granted sometimes you are totally annoying and a little clueless but when you are not being a douche bag, you are totally adorable doing all those things that make us love you. Some of these things you do are both weird and geeky while being lovely and endearing all at once.

Yes we all know you don’t like being adorable and instead would like to be a manly man but once again that is what makes us love you even more.

Below is a list of the top 10 things that make you so adorable even when you are at your least manly.


1. When you are funny without being annoying

If you are funny in a way that is dry or deadpan without being arrogant, you will go a long way.Those little one liners or those things you say under your breath that make us chuckle are all adorable. Us girls just love a corny joke and if you can make us laugh without really needing to try, you are onto a winner.

 2.  When you are a bit awkward

Don’t worry about what the magazines tell you. If you stumble your words a little as you ask to kiss me, it really is cute. However, do not bottle it and chicken out at the last minute. That just makes you a bit weak.

If you ask for my number with honesty and come accross as totally genuine, even if you are a little nervous, you have a much better chance of getting it than if you come across as Mr Big.

3. When you get a little lost staring at me

You may find it embarrassing when you accidentally stare at me a little too intensely but believe me, I find it really cute. If you zone out while chatting to me, at least I know you are interested.


Much better to do that than spend the night looking at your phone and not chatting.

4. When you have a passion for an interest

It may from the outside appear a little geeky for a guy to have a passion for a hobby that is a little weird. To me it shows he has a side to him that is unashamedly himself and that he has some get up and go to follow a passion.

Although we may sound a little uninterested when you try to talk about these interests with us. We really do like you having a passion in life and don’t feel the need to stop on our account. The way your eyes brighten when we chat about what you love really is a breath of fresh air.


5. When you are holding a baby

A man you love holding a baby has to be one of the most incredible sights a girl can see. There is not many other things that make us think “I want your babies”, more than when you are holding a little baby in your arms.

There is an inbuilt instinct locked away in all women’s souls that makes us go all mushy when we see you cradle a child. It makes us imagine what kind of a father you would be and that makes our biological insides want you more than ever.

6. When flex your muscles a little

You may not know it guys but us girls aren’t stupid. We can tell when you are trying to flex your muscles on photos.


We’re not stupid, guys: We can tell when you’re flexing, even if it’s subtle. But it’s pretty damn cute when you try to pretend like we don’t notice. We may even jokingly comment about how “buff” you are, which will probably make you flex even more.

It’s actually cute when you make any slightly obvious attempt to impress us in general. The more obvious it is that you’re trying really hard, the more adorable. That’s the mantra. Keep it up, boys.

7. Your bestie bromances

It is very reassuring when a guy has a close friend and that he isn’t ashamed for the world to know about it. We all know us girls obsess about our BFF’s but when a boy does it, we love it and it makes us want to meet and spend time with his friends.

It is also usually pretty funny when your bestie makes fun of you in a nice way and tells me a story I don’t know about you from grade school. The more I learn about you, the more I love and feel close to you.

8. When you grow a beard to hide your baby face

We know you’re insecure about the fact that you think your cheeks are a little puffy and your skin is a little soft, so we find it so cute when you try to hide everything with facial hair.

We know you just want to appear tough, manly and intimidating, and while we’ll let you have that, we’ll also poke fun at how your beard looks. Because, you know, if your face is that infantile, your beard probably looks misplaced. Just kidding!

9. When you are accidentally intelligent

Intelligence is undoubtedly sexy, but when it leaks out of your pores in a (seemingly) accidental moment, we are sold. We hate pretentiousness, but what we don’t hate is you giving us a little lesson about some awesome historical moment or recent scientific discovery we hadn’t known about before.

Plus, if you are casual about your fact dropping (emphasis on “we hate pretentiousness,” dudes), it just makes you way sexier.


 10. When you try to dance or sing

The guy in the corner of the club that is half dancing and half wanting to run away from there is actually pretty cute.

The fact he is really trying is what make him so adorable. Sure it is also great if he is a good dancer, but it can get tiring trying to keep up with someone who has so much rhythm.. It will probably be a lot more fun just messing about with you.