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It is said that dreams can tell us a lot about who we are and how we live our lives, and this is why it is sometimes important to assess dreams as best we can and try to ascribe meaning to them. Here is a list of 10 of the most common dreams, and what their hidden meanings might be:

Teeth falling out

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Teeth falling out is one of the most common dreams (or nightmares) that a lot of people tend to have. This is the most searched term online when it comes to dreams, and it’s believed to mean that the dreamer has a fear of losing something or someone important to them.


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Spiders are one of the most feared creatures on the planet, and they can represent quite a few things by way of dreams. If you have a fear of spiders and dream they’re around, this could reflect fears and worries in your real life. If the spider bites you in the dream, this can show that you feel attacked or victimized.

Being chased

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Dreams about being chased tend to be a little bit more literal, and are often believed to reflect that you are running away from real-life problems, which is, of course, never a good thing. It might also suggest that the responsibilities of life are getting too much for you; either way, you need to address these problems.

Hair falling out

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Your hair falling out is a dream that a lot of people might have if they are concerned about getting older and feeling unattractive, and there is not a whole lot you can do about this, unfortunately. Making sure you see a therapist is something that can help, and there is plenty you need to consider here.


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Dreams about falling are also very common, and they tend to represent a loss of control. This could be something in your life that you have lost control of and are choosing not to address, or it could be that you are concerned about a potential loss of control in your life.

Being naked

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Being naked at home is perfectly fine (and normal), but a lot of people have dreams about being naked in public, which can be interpreted as indicating a feeling of vulnerability or exposure. It might also indicate that you feel judged and are afraid of the possibility of being rejected as well.

Being late

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Many of us might wind up being late in our lives for a number of reasons, and this is something that is open to plenty of interpretations. A dream about being late could suggest that you are worried about a missed opportunity, as well as indicating that you may have a lack of confidence in your abilities.


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So many of us would love to be able to fly if we had the opportunity, and for good reason; it’s associated with power and freedom. If you dream about flying, it could be a sign that you feel empowered and that you are capable of overcoming obstacles. But it could also mean that you are trying to escape from something.

Being locked up

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This one is pretty clear, it could be a sign that you feel trapped or imprisoned by a particular person, place, or situation. It can reflect a fear of the unknown and apprehension about the future, and it can also suggest that you need to have a little more freedom and independence in your life as well.


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If you are dreaming about being unfaithful, it could indicate that you are worried about the boring nature of your relationship, or that you long for more excitement in your life. It should be noted that dream cheating is not the same as actual cheating, but it’s important to understand what this kind of dream is telling you.