It’s the season of Tauruses! May you get much sensuality, realness and a small dose of stubbornness in this wonderful spring season.

I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to name ten of the many reasons why Tauruses are so awesome, particularly in life and love. So here we go.

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They have calm demeanors.

Wait, what? I bet you have heard differently, but Tauruses are, in fact, pretty calm. The temper they are so famous for is not a common occurrence, yet a minor one, and only when well-deserved. It may be hard to imagine a bull without a temper, but the Taurus are down-to-earth and comforting to be around. The only time you will see that temper is if you really ask for it.

They are loyal and devoted.

When they enter a relationship, they intend to stick around. One-night stands and “playing the field” is not something that interest the Taurus; they are much more old-school than that.

These bulls are really selective when they choose their partners, and when they do choose, they usually see their partner as someone they can spend forever with. They don’t play games, they don’t create drama or distance for the sake of making their partner “more interested” in them. They give their all to the people they care about, and if their relationships don’t work out, they carry no regrets.

They are passionate and sensual.

With a Taurus as a partner, you won’t ever have to worry about a lack of passion. They crave sensuality and passion and take it seriously. You won’t find any mechanical acting, emotional detachment or lack of affection. Tauruses love to express themselves physically, and lucky for you, you get pampered in the process.

They are persistent and determined.

When they set their eyes on something, it is like tunnel vision. Nothing can get in the way of a Taurus achieving their goals; not rejection, failure or tasks that seem impossible.

Any failure they acquire will only fuel them to try harder. They are the epitome of the mantra “keep calm and carry on”. No matter what, their desire to achieve their goals will drive them to the end, which is where their stubbornness comes in real handy.

This may be annoying for the person telling a Taurus not to do something, and then watching them do it anyway. But honestly, what else would you expect them to do? These are bull-headed people we’re talking about here.

They are protective and stand their ground.

They aren’t well-known for being the life of the party or chatty Kathy but deemed as a “strong and silent” type. They may be laid back and have a knack for keeping their cool, but if you mess with a friend or loved one that temper will come out. They will be the first to stand up and put you back in your place.

When it comes to being honest, they won’t tell you even a white lie, but they will tell you the truth as delicately as they can.

They are rational and pragmatic.

Tauruses have a realistic eye and pride themselves on seeing the world for how it truly is. They aren’t caught with their heads up in the clouds but take a more practical and realistic approach to things.

As idealistic as they wish they could be, they can’t help their logical and rational mind. If you find yourself with a wild heart, go after a Taurus for a little stability.

They appreciate the finer things.

If you want to impress a Taurus, go after their five senses. They love the taste, the feel, the sound, smell and sight of something wonderful. A waterfall, good food, a delicious candle…anything their senses can get ahold of.

Don’t get too nervous about the fine food putting a hole in your wallet, they appreciate simple and sweet gestures too.

Movies at home with pizza and snuggling is just as special to them, so don’t be afraid to take that route as well.

They have a creative flair and generous heart.

Whether it’s writing, painting, dancing or music, creativity is a part of their nature.

In many cases, Tauruses use these creative gifts as a way to express affection to a loved one. They find a way to generously make an example of their love through anything from a poem to a beautiful painting. They aren’t above going out of their way for those close to their hearts.

They are sensitive.

They may be sensitive, but they don’t always show it. You won’t find feelings posted on social media, or have a Taurus cry on your shoulder. They keep their sensitivity locked behind a tough exterior. They are actually very sensitive to criticism and insults, especially when it comes to appearance.

Be careful when you crack jokes because most likely, it will be taken personally.

On a positive note, this allows them to be sensitive to other’s needs and emotions and cautious of how they tease or criticize someone else.

They are dependable and genuine.

Tauruses are people of their word and are not afraid of getting the job done. They do what they say, and if they don’t it is for a valid reason. They don’t agree with leading someone on or leaving a friend hanging.

You will most likely find a Taurus with a couple friends, rather than a large crowd. They enjoy genuine people and don’t have time for games.