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We’ve all heard of red flegs, but what about green flags? In contrast to red flags that signal that things aren’t going to work out, green flags are hopeful signs that the guy you’re dating just might be there for the long haul. Keep your eyes peeled for these positive signs.

He makes you a priority

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If he’s minimising distractions and making his time with you a priority, it’s a sure sign that he cares about you and the relationship rather than seeing it as a short-term thing. So, he’s much more likely to invest in you and work to keep you happy.

Supports your personal growth

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Healthy relationships are not a competition. If he supports your growth and development rather than seeing it as a threat, ignoring your efforts to improve, or trying to put you down that’s a positive sign that you’ll be happy with him in the long term.

He owns up to his mistakes

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We all make mistakes, but unless you acknowledge and understand them then you can’t deal with them. If your relationship is going to stand the test of time, then you need to be with a man who isn’t afraid to hold his hands up when he does something wrong.

Long-lasting friendships

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Does he have a best friend that he’s had forever? That’s a clear sign that he can work through the natural ups and downs that come with relationships. If he doesn’t have any friends or all his friendships are short-lived, then you need to find out why.

He treats everyone with respect

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Whether it’s a waiter, his colleagues, or your mum, it’s important that he shows people that can’t get anything out of respect. If he’s considerate to others, he’ll be more likely to be caring and considerate to you during tough times, boosting the chance of relationship success.

He communicates his feelings

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Granted, communication is a bit of a cliché, but you can’t deal with problems if he can’t communicate with you. For your relationship to have any hope of lasting, he needs to be able to talk about issues with you rather than just sweeping them under the carpet.

Your personal boundaries are respected

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Hate rollercoasters, uncomfortable with crowds, or need some time to decompress? It’s vital that he respects your boundaries, so that you can feel safe in the relationship. If he listens when you say no and draw the line rather than trying to talk you into it, that’s a solid green flag.

He shows empathy

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The ability to understand how you and others feel is vital. If he shows signs of empathy like adapting his behavior and being caring when other people are having a hard time, then it’s a good indicator that he’ll support you when the going is tough.

You feel safe around him

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How you do feel when he’s around? If you’re relaxed rather than on edge and afraid that he’ll judge you or do something negative, that’s a strong green flag. You deserve to be comfortable, and a healthy long-term relationship should feel easy rather than difficult.

He embraces open and honest communication


One crucial green flag to look out for in a relationship is the willingness to embrace open and honest communication. Effective communication serves as the foundation for understanding, resolving conflicts, and building a strong emotional connection. If your partner actively engages in conversations, listens attentively, and expresses their thoughts and emotions sincerely, it indicates their commitment to fostering a healthy and transparent relationship. By valuing communication, both of you can navigate challenges, share joys and concerns, and grow together, fostering a deeper bond built on trust and understanding.