I have had so many experiences in my dating past where things have been going great with a guy but then from nowhere he goes and breaks my heart.

And as you know a broken heart takes ages to heal which just adds to the blow.As my friends and I have fallen prey to these kind of players who seem to come into our lives, give us some attention, then rip our hearts out and thrown them on the floor. We have developed a bit of a check list for things to look out for. This way you if you spot more than 3 signs from the list below you can give HIM the boot before he has even had a second date.

10 Signs He Is A Player

10. He Doesn’t Like Being Seen With You

Look if you are off shopping without your make up on and he doesn’t like to be seen with you, then he ain’t worth hanging round with. He should be proud you are his girl and love to be around you always.


9. He Hardly Ever Calls You

If it is you that does all the calling and you feel like you are chasing him then just stop.

woman waiting for the call

8. He Doesn’t Open Up To You


7. He Bails On You


6. Your Feelings Don’t Matter


5. He Has Tons Of Female Friends


4. He Always Complains


3. He Hides His Phone From You


2. His Past Is A Mystery


1. It’s All About Being Physical


I hope this list helps save you or your friends from a broken heart before it’s too late.