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In the world of modern relationships, trust and loyalty are prized commodities. This list delves into the subtle and not-so-subtle signs that can assure you that your partner won’t cheat. From open communication to unwavering commitment, discover the 10+ telltale indicators that your love is built on a rock-solid foundation.

They talk about their day

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If your partner comes in from work or a day out with their friends and tells you every detail of what happened, you can probably assume that they weren’t out cheating on you. If someone wants to share everything about themselves with you, this is because they value your company and wouldn’t want to be with anyone else.

They are trustworthy

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This one is pretty self-explanatory, but if you trust your partner and they put across that they’re a trustworthy person, there’s probably not a very high chance that they would cheat on you. If you find that your partner behaves in a shady way, that’s maybe when alarm bells should start ringing…

They communicate their feelings

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Infidelity tends to happen when there is a rift in a relationship, and this occurs when communication dips. If your partner trusts you and comes to you when they are dealing with difficult emotions, it’s a good sign that you two are close and that there would never be room for anyone else.

They respect you

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If your partner cheats on you, there’s a high chance that they don’t respect you very much. Not only would this break your heart, but it would humiliate you and affect your self-esteem. If your partner respects you and your feelings, they would never want to break that by cheating.

They value your company

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If your partner enjoys spending time with you, this probably means that they aren’t looking for anyone else. Your partner doesn’t have to want to spend every minute of the day with you, but if they value your quality time together and make room for it in a busy schedule, it’s built to last.

You have a shared connection

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Having a connection with someone is a fundamental part of any relationship. It’s not always something you can put your finger on, but when you have that connection with someone, you’ll know. The likelihood is that your partner probably feels the same way and would never dream of doing anything to jeopardize that.

You spend quality time together

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Spending quality time with your partner is the perfect way to strengthen your bond. If your bond is a plant, doing things together is the water. It’s the perfect way to make you feel closer and fall in love with your partner all over again. If your partner enjoys this as much as you do, you’re in safe hands.

They are supportive

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It’s so important that your partner listens to your problems and supports you when you’re going through tough times. If you find that your partner doesn’t support you with your problems, it could mean that they just don’t care enough. Someone who supports you is in it for the long-run.

They’re loyal

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Someone who is loyal doesn’t cheat, it’s as simple as that. In fact, it’s pretty much the definition. If your partner is loyal to you and makes you feel like the only one, chances are that you probably are. Loyalty comes from mutual respect and trust, so if you’ve got that, you’re golden.

They’re affectionate

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If you find that your partner is a big fan of PDA and can’t keep their hands off of you, chances are that you’re in the right place. If they’re affectionate, it means that they are attracted to you and that in their eyes, no one can compare. Affection is always a good sign of a healthy relationship.

They have healthy self-esteem

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If someone is secure within themselves, they won’t feel the need to seek validation through being with other people. Often, when someone cheats, they feel that their ego has been bruised and by getting with someone else, they are proving to themselves that other people would want them. Someone who has healthy self-esteem won’t feel this way.

They trust you

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You might not think that this would come into it, but if your partner doesn’t trust you, tensions could build and this can lead to infidelity. On top of this, if you have been unfaithful, a partner might have an affair to get back at you. Bottom line is, you need to equally trust each other.

They don’t hide their phone

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Obviously, privacy is important and your partner has a right to keep their phone passcodes and messages private. However, if you find that your partner behaves in a skittish way every time they show you a photo on their phone and will never leave their phone in a room with you, it could be that they have something to hide.

You have a fulfilling amount of intimacy

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Okay, the physical stuff isn’t the most important part of a relationship, but it is a good indicator of a healthy relationship. Don’t worry about the frequency, just know that if it works or you and your partner and you’re both satisfied, that you’re doing something right. Don’t compare yourselves to other couples who brag and remember that ‘quality over quantity’ is always a good rule of thumb here.

They respect your boundaries

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If your partner listens to the things that make you uncomfortable, and changes their behavior based on this, that shows that they’re not here to play around. However, remember that there is a line when it comes to boundaries, and if you’re trying to change a lot of their behavior, it could mean that you’re letting your insecurities affect your relationship.

You share hobbies

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It’s always nice to have hobbies that you do alone to unwind, but having shared interests with your partner is equally as important. No matter whether it’s crocheting or lion-taming, if you and your partner can find some common ground here, you’re much more likely to have a connection that lasts through the years.

You resolve conflicts quickly

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How many people have been cheated on after their partner has stormed out from a fight? Probably more than you would like to think. When we’re annoyed or hurt, we can make rash decisions that don’t reflect what we actually want. If you and your partner fix things before they escalate into these sorts of situations, you’re in a good place.

They apologize when they’re wrong

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Having a partner who apologizes when they’re wrong fosters trust, empathy, and a healthier connection. It demonstrates their willingness to acknowledge mistakes and work towards resolution, creating a harmonious environment. Apologies promote open communication and show that both partners value the relationship’s well-being, strengthening the bond in the process.

They behave responsibly

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If your partner goes out to go-go bars every night with the guys, news flash; that’s probably not a keeper. If your partner knows how to have fun, but also knows when to draw the lines, chances are that you’re with someone sensible enough to know that cheating would be the worst thing that they could do to your relationship.

They respect your opinions

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Having someone who listens to you and tries to see where you’re coming from, even if they don’t always agree, is key. Someone who respects your opinions is showing that they respect you as a person, and you’d never break the heart of someone you respect.

They value your independence

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Jealousy and insecurity can kill a relationship, and no one wants a partner who feels threatened by their independence. If your partner is comfortable with you having a life outside of them, the chances are that they are also comfortable within themselves and don’t feel the need to cheat to boost their egos or to spite you.

They are financially responsible

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A financially responsible partner is less likely to cheat because they prioritize stability and commitment. Sound financial habits reflect a disciplined and responsible character, reducing the temptation to seek external validation or escape from relationship issues. This trustworthiness fosters a stronger, more enduring connection based on shared values and security.

They are emotionally stable

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Someone who is emotionally stable will value the stability that comes with a committed relationship. On the flip side, partners who are prone to storm-outs and tantrums are more likely to run to someone else when things between you start to get tough. Cool, calm and collected is the way to go.

They have strong family values

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Okay, we’re not saying that they have to want kids straight from the get-go, but a partner that values a strong family unit is definitely less likely to be led astray. With loyalty and trust as their guiding stars, they’re less likely to wander into the treacherous land of infidelity, ensuring your love life stays drama-free.

They’re honest with others

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Honesty is the best policy, after all. If you find that your partner tells little white lies to people in your social circle, whose to say that they aren’t doing this to you too? Little lies build up to make bigger lies and then… Long story short, someone who is honest in all aspects of their life is much more likely to be totally honest with you.

They have a good group of friends

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Do your partner’s friends always seem to be playing three girls at once? Yeah, massive red flag. This probably doesn’t come as a surprise, but people are often swayed by their friends’ behavior, so if your partner’s friends are all in stable relationships, you can hope that this will rub off on your partner.

They think about the future

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A partner focused on the future is less prone to cheating. Their forward-thinking nature means they prioritize a lasting, stable relationship over fleeting romantic distractions. Planning ahead and building a shared future creates a strong foundation, reducing the temptation to jeopardize it with infidelity, keeping trust intact.

They’ve never cheated before

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You know how the saying goes, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” Of course, this doesn’t mean that people can’t ever change or learn from their mistakes. However, if your partner has a long dating history with no prior instances of infidelity, this is a good sign that they probably won’t just run out and cheat on you when things start to get tough.

They don’t storm out after a fight

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A partner who stays and resolves conflicts instead of storming out exhibits commitment. Their willingness to tackle relationship issues head-on fosters trust and emotional connection. This stability reduces the likelihood of seeking solace in others, making them less prone to cheating, as they value the bond they’ve built together.

You share responsibilities

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In a relationship with shared responsibilities, both partners contribute to the partnership’s success. This mutual effort promotes teamwork, respect, and a deeper connection. With each person feeling valued and supported, there’s less temptation to seek validation or affection elsewhere, making infidelity a distant, unattractive option in a well-balanced relationship.

They have positive role models

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If your partner looks up to Hugh Grant rather than George Clooney, you could be in trouble. People who idolize those who have been unfaithful publicly or are just generally bad people, may have a shaky moral compass. No one is saying that you can only like celebrities who have been saints (because there are very few) but positive role models are definitely a good sign.

They’re emotionally available

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Emotionally available relationships thrive on open communication and understanding. When both partners feel heard and valued, their emotional needs are met within the relationship. This fulfillment reduces the desire to seek emotional connections outside, making infidelity less likely, as the bond they share remains strong and satisfying.

You feel secure

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Sometimes you can’t quite put your finger on the exact reason, but you just feel that you are safe with your partner. Some relationships make us feel calm and heal any past trauma that we’ve had in unpredictable relationships in the past. These partners are the ones to keep, because the likelihood is that they enjoy providing you with that stability.

They’re willing to make sacrifices

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Relationships built on mutual sacrifices strengthen bonds. When partners are willing to compromise for each other’s happiness, it creates a deep sense of commitment. Knowing that both have made sacrifices fosters gratitude and contentment, making infidelity less appealing, as they cherish the shared history and connection forged through those sacrifices.

They respect your privacy

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You have a right to a private life, even in a relationship. A relationship with respect for privacy is built on trust and boundaries. When partners honor each other’s personal space and privacy, it fosters a sense of security and respect. This trust minimizes the temptation to invade privacy or engage in secretive behavior, reducing the likelihood of infidelity.

They think of how their actions affect you

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A partner who considers the impact of their actions on you is one who values your feelings and the relationship. Their empathy and care create a supportive and harmonious environment. When they prioritize your happiness, the thought of cheating becomes distant, as the bond is reinforced by mutual consideration and love.

They hold themselves accountable

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A partner who takes accountability for their actions fosters trust and integrity in the relationship. Their willingness to admit mistakes and work on them builds a strong foundation of honesty and responsibility. Cheating is less likely because they prioritize the values of commitment and genuine connection, reducing the temptation to betray trust.

They act with integrity

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A partner with integrity is unwavering in their commitment to honesty and moral principles. Their strong moral compass guides them to maintain trust and faithfulness in the relationship. Cheating is inconceivable as they prioritize transparency, respect, and loyalty, upholding the sanctity of the partnership with unwavering conviction.

They are consistent

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A consistent partner provides a stable and reliable relationship. Their unwavering presence and reliability breed trust and security. Cheating is unlikely because their dependable nature ensures that emotional and physical needs are consistently met within the relationship, leaving little room for the allure of unpredictability or infidelity.

You feel genuinely loved

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A partner who consistently makes you feel loved creates a strong emotional bond. Their affection and attention fulfil your emotional needs, leaving no void for external validation. The assurance of love and commitment reduces the temptation to cheat. If you’re feeling the love, it’s probably for a reason, and the reason is that they’re a keeper.