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Real life impact

Star Wars is a timeless classic that continues to inspire people of all ages. While watching it on the big screen is magical, the real impact transcends it. Mark Hamill spoke about how he met a boy who took comfort in how Luke lost his hand while preparing to have his arm amputated, vividly showing how Star Wars can impact people in positive ways.

A powerful voice


One name instantly comes to mind when we think of Star Wars, Darth Vader. His booming bass voice is iconic. Surprisingly, James Earl Jones, the man behind the voice had a stutter when he was younger. But, with determination and the help of a teacher, he managed to overcome his stammer by practicing poetry.


Potty mouth


Can you imagine being Mark Hamill, holding the script with the scene when Darth Vader reveals he’s your father? We all remember the shock we felt after the big reveal. Believe it or not, the other actors were just as surprised. When Harrison Ford found out, he even swore.

No questions allowed


Imagine being at a Harrison Ford interview, knowing that he’s guarding some major secrets about the latest movie he’s working on. Ford is notoriously tight-lipped, and you can practically feel the weight of the unspoken information in the air. When Ford appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the tension exploded into humor as audience members improvised questions and Chewbacca even appeared.

I can’t believe it


Hamill has appeared in countless films and TV shows, so it’s easy to overlook the fact that it took him a while to recognise his fame. Once, when he was on tour after the first Star Wars movie, he encountered a mob of fans and was he was blown away when he realized he was the famous person on the plane that they were after.

“I know”


The tension kept building up between Han Solo and Princess Leia. Eventually, Leia knew that she had to reveal her feelings. However, Han Solo wasn’t the kind of guy who would respond with a romantic declaration of love. While the script called for him to say “I love you too,” Harrison Ford decided to stand by his character and switch it up.



Today, keeping movie secrets is almost impossible. But during the first Star Wars movies, things were easier. The internet was still fledgling, and the Star Wars fanbase was just starting out. At the time, the biggest threat to the Star Wars franchise’s confidentiality, wasn’t a fan or hacker, it was Carrie Fisher’s chatty personality.

A wise puppet


Believe it or not, Yoda was originally brought to life by a puppet. Operating Yoda’s puppet was tough, with Actor Ewan McGregor sharing the complex process, involving six puppeteers, needed to bring Yoda to life. At the end of each scene, the wise jedi simply flopped at the end of every scene.

The perfect lightsaber


Have you ever pretended to wield a lightsaber? Haven’t we all. These iconic weapons have long captured our imaginations with their extraordinary power and vivid colors. We can’t imagine how excited Ewan McGregor was when he was handed a big box and got to pick the weapon that would be an extension of his character.

Unexpected friends


Friendships can form in the most unexpected of places. Ewan McGregor experienced it firsthand, while working on a film, he bonded with a charming and sweet camel named Silas. He was so taken with the camel, that he considered adopting him after the shoot ended.