10 names for boyfirend
Image Source: livemans


We all remember the weight the “B” word had when we were in high school. “We just hung out,” we’d proclaim, or, “We’re just friends.” Two days later, “So, now we kissed.” Did that mean friends still or something else? Does one kiss mean we are dating? Ugh.

And then a few years pass by – can I still use the term for the man I’m seeing? How do I introduce him to friends and co-workers? What about my kids? I can’t say, “Hi kids – this is my friend with benefits.” Ugh. Saying “boyfriend” still feels so high school. What other words can I use?

Here are 10 alternate terms to consider and the pros/cons of each:

“Partner” – Okay, so you are definitely together. But wait, is that business or pleasure? (That’s the con).


“Lover” sounds sexy – you must be mutually madly in love to use that term! The Con is that you can’t quite utter that one at the dinner table with Grandma.

“Paramour” is French – everything French is sexy. Problem is few people know what it means.

“Life Hostage” – They are yours for life – no one would even dare try to make a steal. They might think (con) that you are a little possessive however.


“Manfriend” – The good thing is that you’ve avoided the immature-sounding “boy” part of the term – good for you. The bummer is that it might just sound like he’s back in the friend box – ouch!


“Honey” is sweet and passes no matter where you are. There are no big cons to this one – it even passes the Grandma test.

“Flame” sounds hot, hot, hot but is it just a flash? Can it be blown out?

“Beau” definitely speaks Granny’s language – she’ll fully know what type of relationship you are in. The bummer is that no one else in the room will.

“Escort” works but sounds like they are taking you somewhere – or one is paying the other for a service.


“Companion” is definitely safe but is also a term you might use for your Labrador Retriever.

And if none of these work for you, there’s always the term “special friend.” Just let others read the look on your face when you say it – some things are best communicated without any words at all.