The relationship is over. You are heart broken and sat in with a tub of ice cream on a Friday night with your laptop close to hand. You log into Facebook to find some solice but before you go any further… STOP and read the following things you should avoid posting on Facebook after a break-up.


Never Post The Following After A Breakup

1. Do not use photos and status updates to show you are having “the best time ever”.

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You need to rise above the situation and not try to post things in the hope your ex reads them. 99% of the time, it makes you look like a bit of a loser to him and even worse, to everyone else.

2. Do not post mushy break up or love songs.

Obviously you will end up listening to some but the whole world doesn’t need to know about your misery and new found love for “All By Myself by Celine Dion.

3. Do not post cryptic messages about you, him or his new partner.

Things like “someone is such a back stabber” etc makes you sound a little bit silly.

4. Do not write anything on his wall or photos

– It can be off putting to know your ex is stalking you even if it is in a nice way.

5. Do not look like you are in denial.

Don’t keep the photo of you to at the prom or on your last summer holiday set as your profile pic.

6. Do not post provocative photos of yourself in your underwear.

He wont be looking at it thinking how much he is missing out on. He will just think it looks a little bit desperate.

7. Do not use Facebook as your own personal break up diary.

Keep your intimate feelings to yourself, your friends or family members. The whole world doesn’t need to follow your recovery process.

8. Do not settle for crumbs

Just becasue you feel a bit down and lonely, try to avoid using anyone who you have no feelings for as a rebound. It is not fair on them or you.

9. Do not spend all day on your computer.

It is very easy to do but you need to get out and see your friends. It will make you a lot happier.

10. Do not check in or post photos of you with a new guy.

Its sad.

It is a short list but all essential reading for a post break up Facebook experience.

Share it with your friends before they commit any of these social faux pas.