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Make this completely free item worth my time

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For some reason, beggars think that you’re doing them a service when you gift them something for free, demanding recompense for their services. Thankfully, this seller had the perfect response when faced with a choosing beggar, cheekily claiming he’d half the cost of $0.

Seems like a fair deal…

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Did you know that chicken is supposedly an accepted form of currency? At least, according to this guy, it is. To be fair to the beggar, he did offer the seller a full-on meal from, so at least it wasn’t something from the value menu!

How dare you not sell me the sold TV!

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Some people will do anything for a bargain – even resorting to arguing about a television that’s already been sold. Why the message didn’t quite compute with the beggar the first two times remains to be seen. One thing is for sure, though – he’s not getting that TV.

The pushier they are, the pricier you get

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With an original pricing of $125, this seller upped his total to $150 due to this beggar’s incessant messages. And, honestly? We don’t blame him. Sometimes, beggars don’t understand final offers until you deploy some underhanded tactics. Needless to say, this potential buyer didn’t accept his “special price”.

Trick or treat? It’s definitely a trick

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Halloween can either bring out the best or the worst in people. In this case, it very much brought out the worst, with these parents demanding cash due to a lack of candy. While we appreciate the effort of keeping the spirit of Halloween very much alive, this is just a step too far…

Everything’s on the beggars’ terms

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This kind soul offers free swimming lessons for kids, taking time out of their day to enrich children’s lives. This choosing beggar made a splash when she continuously demanded that these lessons be arranged around her schedule, all while being rude and demeaning in the process.

Donations are accepted! With a catch…

Credit: u/1LargeFriePlease via Reddit

Living with COVID was a difficult time, with many households struggling. Sarah clearly felt the effects, hence her plea for cash. Asking for help is innocent enough, but refusing to accept anything less than $200 is a step too far. With that attitude, she’d be lucky if she got so much as two dollars.

He needs money (…to pay for his extravagant lifestyle)

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The guy in the background was begging people for money – though he refused to accept anything less than $5. Eventually, a donor came to realize that the man was a scam artist, owning a beautiful home and a new Jeep. Hopefully, this sign put an end to his unethical ways.

My husband’s in the military, so I should get free stuff

Credit: u/Febrile_Penis via Reddit

Not only did this woman not tip a cent, she also demanded that her entire meal – drinks and all – should cost $0. The beggar in question went on a tirade against the restaurant, still demanding her free items. It appears she’ll have a bracing reality check when she next dines out.

My dog’s haircut should be cheaper!

Credit: u/RelentlesslyCrooked via Reddit

This dog groomers has clearly had enough of people trying to luck out on a cheaper service, with customers frequently saying that their dog’s trim should be cheaper than a human haircut (despite their furry pals having significantly more fur to cut). Hopefully, this notice keeps any choosing beggars at bay.

I’m too cheap to pay for my own Netflix – so pay your bill!

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Some people just aren’t worth arguing with – like this Netflix leecher. He sneakily used the prime account for two years, sending messages demanding that the main user pay his bill when he was suddenly locked out. When the account’s password was changed, the poor beggar was left with a boring night without Netflix. Of course, he could always pay for his own account…

Pay for a cab to give me free stuff

Credit: u/littlebossman via Reddit

This poor soul attempted to give away some dog harnesses for free – only to be met with endless aggro. After demanding the goods, the woman told the seller she couldn’t drive, expecting her to pay for a cab to personally deliver them to her. When she didn’t immediately reply, she used the oldest trick in the book – saying that her daughter was in tears.

Give me your Netflix account, simply because I want it

Credit: u/Gothic_Goldfish via Reddit

This kind soul offered their pal a free trial for Crunchyroll, thinking it may aid his financial woes. Unfortunately for him, the offer backfired, with this choosing beggar instead demanding a free NOW TV or Netflix subscription. Worse still, he then got aggressive, using expletives to his friend. The nerve of some people…

These influencers are getting out of hand…

Credit: u/dakotaraptors via Reddit

The hustle is almost impressive – but not as impressive as the small business owner’s response. Asking for free stuff – let alone the most expensive items on offer – in exchange for mere exposure is a laughable proposal. As the business owner states, getting TikTok views doesn’t pay off student loans.

Check your own balance before you call someone else out

Credit: u/Epix4 via Reddit

Publicly blasting your date’s funds (or lack thereof!) is never a good look – particularly when you’re refusing to pay for your own meal. Thankfully, this desperate date was called out for her behavior, with a fellow Twitter user pointing out her hypocrisy for all to see.

You want money? I already gave you ice cream!

Credit: u/Balloon_911 via Reddit

This babysitter agreed on $16 an hour for her services, only for the mom to claim that looking after her kids is such an enjoyable experience that it should be done for free. Unfortunately, fun doesn’t pay the bills, nor is ice cream accepted as a form of payment by most landlords.

Kids don’t equate to cheaper rates

Credit: u/TheBrennanCo via Reddit

This tattoo artist took no prisoners when he came face-to-face with a choosing beggar. When she used her kids as a way to skimp out on paying the full price, the artist retorted with a savage comeback. Was he rude? Yes – but what’s even ruder is acting as if the world owes you something due to your choice to have children.

A message from beyond the grave…

Credit: u/EvilLucas via Reddit

There’s nothing choosing beggars won’t resort to, including pretending to be dead in order to snag something for free. While this is likely just a teenager with nothing better to do, it shows the low depths humanity can stoop to just to save $15.

Exposure doesn’t pay the bills

Credit: u/jonnymoon5 via Reddit

If exposure was a legal form of tender, every artist would be a millionaire. Unfortunately, exposure is, ultimately, completely worthless. This Pulitzer nominee made this fact abundantly clear when a choosing beggar used the classic method in order to get some free shots. For future reference, an appropriate way of compensating someone’s time is with cold, hard cash.

Corporations aren’t above begging

Credit: u/karliecorn via Reddit

Unfortunately, the creative arts aren’t valued as being “real work”, with even successful corporations believing that they should have their logos designed for free. If billion-dollar companies think that artists don’t deserve to be paid, the future looks like a very bleak place indeed.

You get what you pay for

Credit: r/ChoosingBeggars via Reddit

Don’t be surprised if you receive snarky replies when asking creative folk to draw something for free. Portraits take time, supplies, and effort – something that artists won’t be willing to put in if they aren’t being paid for their endeavours, as this choosing beggar soon found out.

Some people are never satisfied

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There are good people out there in the big wide world, willing to sacrifice their own time purely to make other people happy. Sadly, these good intentions are often under-appreciated, with free loaders still expecting more and more – despite not parting with a dollar.

Don’t forget – you’re paying for years of skill

Credit: u/mewisme700 via Reddit

This irate mechanic had clearly had enough of people moaning about the price of his services, putting up this short-but-sweet note to prevent any ill-founded complaints. Skilled workers dedicated years of their lives to provide customers with a service – with their prices reflecting this.

Don’t forget to “haggle”

Credit: u/golde62 via Reddit

There’s nothing wrong with trying to haggle. Going in at ridiculously low prices, however, borders on begging. What’s even worse is that this buyer originally offered the seller a mere $50 for all of this tech, eventually going up to the dizzy heights of $100. If you can’t afford it, you shouldn’t be looking.

Beggars will say anything for a price cut

Credit: u/jackobyvilla via Reddit

Cheapskates aren’t above using their own children as a bargaining chip, as this beggar clearly shows. He claims he’s late picking up his daughter because the seller didn’t reply in five minutes – demanding a price reduction. Instead of spending his cash on couches online, he should invest in some parenting lessons…

Giving out $3k is apparently selfish

Credit: u/riceballdono via Reddit

When superstar Taylor Swift generously gave away $3,000 to one of her fans, most people felt their faith in humanity become somewhat restored. Not this Facebook user, who claimed that people other than her fans also deserve cash payouts. We’re sensing the emergence of the green-eyed monster, here…

Where’s your Christmas spirit?

Credit: u/Vindictive_Barista via Reddit

Offering $800 and some supposed jewelry for a $1200-valued product is insulting in itself, let alone dragging your kids into the picture. As the seller rightly pointed out, other people’s kids’ Christmases isn’t anyone else’s responsibility other than the parents. Of course, it’s likely a mere guilt-trip, but hopefully the buyer will think twice before using that tactic again.

Steal from your job so I can save money

Credit: u/mizeat_wizad via Reddit

The audacity of some people is almost unbelievable. This choosing beggar wanted a boiler fitted for free, unwilling to even pay for the parts. When the engineer told him he’d need to first supply him with materials, he instead suggested that he should steal them from his place of work – all to give a complete stranger something for free.

You didn’t sleep with me – I want my drinks money back!

Credit: u/Badjib via Reddit

Some men are completely unbelievable – like this guy, who believes he should have the money he spent attempting to woo a girl be reimbursed because he didn’t get lucky. Here’s an idea – stop thinking that women owe you something just because you chose to act in a certain way.

No breaks and no pay

Credit: u/animeslayer1337 via Reddit

Good luck filling that position, pal. Why anyone in the world would accept this preposterous offer purely for the mere honor of attending a wedding remains unknown – particularly someone with years worth of experience. Some people truly do think that the entire world revolves around them.

Intern or slave?

Credit: u/Alfaphantom via Reddit

America is a strange place in that it’s one of the only civilized places in the world that thinks internships are acceptable. Offering younger folk a resounding $0 for their time puts them at a severe disadvantage, especially with the current state of the economy. Workers should be paid, regardless of experience.

Ketchup critics

Credit: u/jpdickey via Reddit

Good on this Twitter user, who stood their ground and refused to hand over their condiment to the ungrateful beggar. Here’s an idea for the disgruntled neighbor – why don’t you purchase your own ketchup if you’re going to be stuck up about brand names?


Credit: u/Euthy via Reddit

If there’s one way to ensure that you won’t get anything for free, it’s by acting like an entitled brat. Church trip or no, there’s no need to be so rude to your friends who are merely trying to help you out. A 100-mile trip isn’t going to come for free, particularly with that attitude. There’s only one thing left to say… NEXT!

Beggars can be choosers, apparently

Credit: u/vadimced via Reddit

These days, you’d think that people would be grateful for whatever kindness comes their way. It seems that isn’t the case, as a supposed homeless person refused the gift of 75 cents. It’s likely that this beggar was merely imitating a homeless person for the sake of cash, being a detriment to those who are truly in need.

A hacker wants MORE free stuff

Credit: u/cerebralspinaldruid via Reddit

Hackers are nefarious, using whatever tools at their disposal in order to get things for free. In the case of this particular hacker, he even resorts to begging in order to enjoy a slew of free PlayStation games – admitting to his prior crimes. At least he asked this time, right?

It’ll only take 125 years to pay off!

Credit: u/headee via Reddit

When this beggar was looking for a house, they came in with the rather bizarre offer of paying $200 a month – lower than any rent or mortgage price on the market. Worse still, they threw in the fact that they’ve got a newborn baby, as if that’s anyone else’s responsibility other than their own…

A kayak? In the rain? The audacity!

Credit: u/WeAreKevin via Reddit

Some customers will try anything in order to save a buck or two. That includes making themselves look incredibly stupid, requesting a reduction in cost due to a kayak being displayed in rainy conditions. If they’re that unfamiliar with how kayaks work, perhaps they shouldn’t be purchasing one in the first place…

Can I use your tips to pay my bill?

Credit: u/entomofile via Reddit

Apparently, this customer thinks that taking money out of a tip jar is perfectly acceptable. No matter how small the amount, that money is for the workers. If they gave everyone two cents, they’d be nothing left for hard-working staff. Besides, if you can’t afford to buy your own Dunkin’ Donuts – don’t go there in the first place.

Pay me to use your product

Credit: u/mishelly1986 via Reddit

When you ask for someone’s services, you usually expect to hand over some cash. Not this lady, who wanted this picnic provider to pay $200 for simply uploading a photo of the luncheon to her social media channels. She very (un)generously said that she usually charges $1,200 for the post, making it a steal. Unsurprisingly, her offer was refused.

If it ain’t gold, he don’t want it

Credit: u/Kuronekostories via Reddit

Reddit offers a service where you use real-life money to award comments with medals, with gold being the highest. This internet user was clearly unimpressed with his silver award, going so far as to compare himself to a stand-up comedian, claiming he deserved the top prize. The original poster cheekily sent him a gold medal emoji, winning the argument.