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Each generation – whether Boomers, Gen X or Y – face challenges as they interface with the existing generations on the planet. As a Gen Y-er, it’s not difficult to see that we are experiencing the largest generational gap in history. Sometimes, life isn’t easy – or, at least it doesn’t feel that way. Here are a few rules Gen Y-ers should live by:

#1 A minimum of 1 hour is required to get ready before going to class or work.

#2 Don’t use the snooze button on any alarm – when it’s time to get up, get up!

#3 Not shaving is not an option – this goes for men and women alike.

#4 If there is an elderly person around them – guess who gets the seat? (Hint: It’s not you so please vacate it.)

#5 Running is also for animals with only 2 legs – you should try it sometime!

#6 Gentlemen, ladies are always first.

#7 Getting drunk does not – but try telling your liver that.

#8 Ladies, hide-and-seek is a wonderful game. Hide your girls and let a man who is committed to you seek them out. Giving them too much publicity does nothing for one’s self-respect.

#9 The world around you is not interested in your cell phone conversations.

#10 Consider group dates – it will save a load of time and money

#11 Don’t bother dating unless you think you could see yourself with them long-term.

#12 Facebook is overrated – imagine 20 years from now when someone has all of your info and has sold it to someone else!

#12 Don’t cut in line – or let a group of your friends “join you” – tell them to have some respect for the 100 people behind you and let them wait in the same line.

#13 Nothing good will likely happen after 3am.

#14 Sex is better if you are committed to your partner.

#15 Read more – watch TV less

#16 If you are going to watch TV, make sure you are learning something in the process. Don’t waste your time otherwise.

#17 Ok, you can twerk. Can you do anything helpful?

#18 The way others perceive you is just as important as how you see yourself.

#19 Really…it’s not all about you. Get over that sooner than later.

#20 Good friends are not easy to come by – don’t ignore the good ones you have.

#21 Most people are looking to get something from you.


#22 There is no such thing as free.

#23 No…you don’t have a hole in your wallet – get a hold of your budget.

#24 Don’t waste money on short-term things.

#25 You can actually damage your hearing permanently if you listen to music too loudly.

#26 When someone says hello, say hello back.

#27 Don’t waste your money on things you don’t need.

#28 Make-up is overrated – he should love you even without it


#29 Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean you get to let yourself go (this applies to all generations, except the silent – they never let themselves go)

#30 More tongue is never the answer – and that goes for kissing too

#31 When a person struggles with their luggage, there is nothing more embarrassing for the generation than seeing a dozen 20-something men standing in a group just watching. Life is not a spectator sport. Be a man and help out!

#32 Don’t pour all you have into searching for “the one” – be the interesting person – they will come to you.

#33 There is a time a place for hashtags – don’t screw it up.

#34 If you hop into bed before date #3, you’re likely bored with them by week #2.

#35 Everyone loves the chase.

#36 Love is a choice.

#37 To the world, you are a sexual asset. Be aware that people will not always view you this way (and it stops sooner for you, ladies) – so don’t get so hung up on placing your identity on your looks.

#38 Waiting until you are married to have sex is wise.

#39 Long-term relationships are about a lot more than just good sex.

#40 Never get a tattoo where a judge can see it.

#41 Don’t just get a savings account – add to it.

#42 Compound interest is your best friend – do the math!

#43 Cut your credit cards and use cash – you’ll really know where your money goes!

#44 You have one body in this lifetime – treat it well.

#45 Get off the couch and to the gym.

#46 You should always try to look your best – you will feel better if you look better.

#47 Learn the ways of the game of chess – indeed, life is all about strategy.

#48 The ways of the world are not always cut and dry – that does not mean you don’t have to be.

#49 It’s okay if you don’t like to read books – learn to read people instead.

#50 It’s not just about what you know, but who you know.

#51 The method of a message is often as important as the message itself.

#52 Don’t be dumb – the people you work for are not likely from your generation. Learn their preferences and how they work best.

#53 Get low and go slow – humble yourselves.

#54 You don’t deserve a raise or a vacation simply for showing up.

#55 Live someplace domestic that is a real challenge for you for at least a year.

#56 Live in a foreign country for at least a year.

#57 Spend no less than 10 days in a developing nation – living exactly as they do. Afterward, pay for someone else to do the same.

#58 Don’t do drugs – you never know what is really in them.

#59 Less is usually more.


#60 Beauty is all about symmetry – and simplicity.

#61 Don’t overcomplicate things that are already complicated.

#62 We will always want what we don’t have unless manage our appetites.

#63 Learn to be content right where you are. Else, try #57.

#64 You can’t get time back – so spend it wisely.

#65 Chase a profession that provides the lifestyle you want.

#66 If your worldview is filled with anything other than hope, then you need to choose another source.

#67 Toys are fun – but beware that too much can wear bodies out so they no longer respond to natural stimulus.

#68 If you fantasize about someone long enough, no one will ever meet your expectations.

#69 “I love you” actually means something – reserve the ‘L’ word in your everyday use from when you want to really use it.

#70 Don’t be afraid to fall in love.

#71 Be aware that if you don’t guard your heart and choose wisely with those you hang around.

#72 Don’t be ruled by your emotions – if you fall in love super fast – you can also fall out of it super fast. Get a hold of yourself.

#73 Violence is not always necessary – use your head first.

#74 Keep growing mentally – challenge your own intellect.

#75 Just because you are smart does not mean you need to let the world know.

#76 Identify your own insecurity – whether physically, emotionally, mentally – and find a way to get stable. Else, it likely comes out in an inopportune time and will cost you multiple relationships.

#77 Always do the kind thing – no matter what.

#78 You don’t need to be a tyrant to get ahead – but you cannot be a pushover either.

#79 Know your boundaries and stick to them.

#80 Manage your technologies – don’t let them manage you.

#81 There is absolutely no substituting face-to-face human interaction – know that some generations run on this principle. Bend.

#82 Just because you are in your twenties does not mean you don’t need medical check-ups (I had a biopsy at 29).

#83 Know the difference between an addiction to smoking and an addiction to nicotine. Get your nicotine fix using a method other than cigarettes if you can.

#84 If smoking is your thing – use an e-cig.

#85 It is morally irresponsible not to be healthy.

#86 See who can serve someone else faster – it will remind you to keep thinking of others. And if that is still a struggle, at least you can think of it as a contest.

#87 Think about something else until she’s had multiple – then fire away. This will change your sex life forever.

#88 Eat well. Garbage in – garbage always in (yuck!).

#89 Always stay hydrated.

#90 Monitor and reduce the level of sugar you ingest.

#91 Slow down and meditate – discipline your mind to focus.


#92 Doing puzzles and games like Sudoku is good for your mental health.

#93 There is always more to any story – stay objective and examine the facts.

#94 Some people have issues telling the truth – learn how to detect this.

#95 Family first.

#96 Pick something today that you are doing better than yesterday. Gain momentum with achieving your goals a little at a time.

#97 If you are not passionate about it – try something else.

#98 If you are reading this, chances are you are in a select percentage of the world who are part of the “haves” – so stop complaining.

#99 You are not entitled to anything. Always stand up when a veteran enters the room. If you are one, skip this.

#100 Never give up – ever.