As a friend of a Leo, I have been hearing about the birthday celebration plans since two weeks before the month started.



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I’ve heard the itinerary, the wish list, the guest list and the reasons why my Leo friends are so fabulous. I’m not complaining though. I think Leos make amazing friends. If you are lucky like me and have a Leo friend, here’s 11 reasons why you should feel blessed to have these little lions in your life.

1. They are loyal.

They have a very hard time letting people out of their lives. They will never leave you, betray you or take you for granted. They believe everyone in their life is there for a reason and they aren’t about to take that reason lightly.

2. They are the life of the party.

Have you ever gone out on the town with a Leo? Chances are you took more shots than you planned, danced like a fool and woke up with only half a memory of the night before. They are notorious for being the life of the party and will never stop until you have as much fun as they do. This is one reason why they are the best ones to call when you are feeling down.

3. They give honest advice.

Because they are so loyal and caring, they want what’s best for the people closest to them. They aren’t afraid to call you out when you are putting yourself in harms way and they definitely won’t hold back when they think someone is mistreating you. They will never sugarcoat an answer when you ask for advice.


4. They are optimistic.

Life can be pretty rough sometimes and it can be difficult to find the light at the end of the tunnel when you are feeling down. Leos will never let you take a curveball alone. When one door shuts they open a window. It’s in their nature to find the best in things, and in this day and age, that is an awfully refreshing trait.


5. They like to take the lead.

If you are having a hard time deciding where to go on vacation, or even where to go for dinner, Leos have no problem taking charge and leading the way.  You may think they have to be in charge, but they just tend to know what’s a good time and what isn’t.

6. They are motivating.

These guys can’t stand stagnant lives. They love excitement and challenges and are always finding new ways to make leaps and bounds. They want the world and won’t stop until they have it. They will try again and again to improve themselves and their situations, which tends to rub off on their friends.


7. They are straightforward.

They don’t take crap from anyone. This is especially good for those who are timid and have a hard time speaking their mind. Leos are not afraid  to stand up for themselves or for their friends. They are very outspoken and will never stop being themselves.

8. They know how to network.

Leos are social by nature and have a natural talent for making friends. They aren’t shy and will strike up a conversation with almost anyone they meet.

9. They are passionate.

When they love someone, it’s never half-ass. They love in the deepest possible way and feel everything to their maximum ability. They want the good, the bad, the easy and the painful. They will never put anything less than their best into relationships and don’t believe in playing games. They only thing that can hurt them is the expectations that everyone else will try as hard as they do.

10. They make you look good.

It’s no secret Leos can be a little…uh…obnoxious at times. They are not afraid of embarrassment, causing a scene or calling someone out. If you ever need them to chew out an ex, tell off that person who cut you in line or take back your coffee because it’s cold, they will do so with no reservations.

11. They have their birthdays during the best time of the year.

Let’s be honest here. It’s the last few weeks of summer and everyone is looking to get their vacation in. The air is warm, the nights are lit up and the sun stays out long enough to get a real party started.


If you have one of these in your life, make sure they know how special they are to you.