We all look at tall women with awe thinking about how great their long legs look in that dress and heels. Well let me tell you it isn’t all easy sailing for them. The sad sparse Size 9 clearance rack at at DSW is just the start of their problems.


1 .Your short friends don’t listen when you moan about not being able to find any boys taler than you.


2. Get secretly jealous when you see a short girl kiss a tall guy like something from the movies.


3. Pants always fir your waist but NEVER your leg length. Luckily the current trend is ankle length skinny jeans.


4. You are always asked to play sports. Not unless you consider drinking too much a sport.


5. A shirt dress is basically a big no no. Unless you want to show your bits to everyone.


6. Rompers leave you with a major camel toe. Leaving you with the only option to wear baggy buy sweats.


7. Any form of travel is a nightmare, especially in a cramped aeroplane when someone reclines into your knees.


8. Combing the racks of most high street stores is a bit of a depressing affair.


9. Having to wear flats when you are with your boyfriend so you don’t tower over him.


10. Always being asked “exactly how tall are you?”. “What are you, like five-nine? Five-ten?” dudes at bars ask/neg, as if you are a circus freak.


11. Feet hanging out of a twin bed just like a guy. What a sleepless nightmare.


12. Not being able to swap clothes with your friends.


With all these inconveniences associated with being tall, there is still one real positive. You still stand a chance of hearing this in person: