Having a boyfriend is a blessing for so many obvious reasons.


I don’t want to talk about that today, though. Today, I want to talk about how awesome it is to have a guy be your best friend. Fortunately for me, I ended up finding both in one man. A hybrid I suppose! Whether you stay best friends for life, or it grows into something more, here’s 14 reasons why having a guy BFF is better.

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1. He’s long-term.

The thing about having friends is that it keeps things a lot less complicated. You don’t fight about money because you don’t share it. You don’t fight about sex, in most cases anyway. Friends stay friends through phases, hard times and changes. They help you grow in a way. Boyfriends see you as the person you are now and don’t always accept it when that person changes.

2. He’s honest.

He has no reason to lie to you. He doesn’t get anything out of it. He wants you to feel and look your best and doesn’t care how that might affect him. Not all boyfriends can say the same.

3. You can eat whatever you want.

If you enjoy the finer things and want a steak that costs 65 dollars, you can certainly have it because you are paying for it. You don’t have to skip your favorite restaurant because you know he can’t afford it. It works the other way too.You probably don’t want your boyfriend to see you wolfing down that big mac and a large fry before slurping down a milkshake. If it’s your best friend, though, you definitely don’t care.

4. You can be yourself all of the time.

And you don’t have to hold back. You can have a crying meltdown over your new dress getting bleached on accident or totally judge that sleaze next door without feeling like you’re going to scare him away. He loves you and tolerates what parts of you he doesn’t. So feel free to curse like a sailor, judge like you were casted in Mean Girls and have your meltdowns whenever you damn, please. He won’t think any less of you.

5. He likes you for you.

Not you are hot, or not so hot body. He doesn’t pay attention to you because he thinks he might get lucky. He genuinely enjoys your quirks, humor, intelligence and character. You connect on the deepest levels because the attraction isn’t part of your friendship. Nothing physical attracts him to you. Just you do.

6. You don’t have to force it.

When you start dating someone, you want to have things in common so the relationship will last. When it’s your best friend, you already have things in common. That’s why you’re best friends. You don’t have to venture out of your comfort zone or interests to please him.

7. You don’t have to have pointless conversations.

Most couples tend to talk on a day-to-day basis. You check in with each other, make sure all the feelings are still there, say “I love you” a few dozen times and move on with your day. It’s not like you talked about anything important or worthwhile, you just needed to touch base and confirm the status of your relationship. You don’t have to do that with your bestie. They know where they stand and you do too.


8. You don’t have to worry about annoying him.

So…if you want to go do something, but your boyfriend is asleep, you can’t just call him 20 times, show up at his door and drag him out. He would probably call the authorities on you and never speak to you again. On the other hand, your friend can’t really break up with you. They get annoyed, and then basically give in. No 911 call needed.

9. You don’t have to buy gifts for him on random holidays.

You can both just relish in the fact that you are single and not going broke spending your money on stupid gifts for stupid holidays.The only time you need to buy gifts is on each other’s birthdays, and even then, it might just be a six-pack or cheap lottery tickets. No pressure or hurt feelings.

10. He can come around your parents without it being a big deal.

You don’t have to worry about your friend thinking you are getting too serious when he meets your parents. There is no awkward pressure when it comes to meeting them, no analyzing on their part. There is no pretending that he is better than he really is or the 20 questions that are so annoying. You can just hang out and relax, no big deal.

11. He listens to you.

He wants to know your opinion and your problems. Sometimes boyfriends are more interested in whether or not you’re going to have sex or if he’s saying the right thing. Again, your friend knows sex is off the table and he isn’t worried about saying the right thing. He’s just worried about you being okay and being honest with him.

12. There’s no drama.

He never creates that nasty little voice in your head that so many guys we date do. You won’t worry about him cheating on you or not feeling the same. Even in the best relationships, you will have a little drama. With a friend, there are no heightened emotions or games or selfish motives. You have your guy friend to vent about drama, not to start it with each other.

13. You really can just hang out.

One of the things women complain about most when in a relationship is how their boyfriends always have sex on their mind. They can’t just watch a movie without their man being all over them. When you watch a movie with your best friend you can all but look homeless. He doesn’t care. He won’t try to make a move whether your wearing your bikini at the beach or a flannel 3 times too big for you at home. He’s there to enjoy your company.

14. You don’t have to feel self-conscious.

You don’t have to worry about shaving or being bloated on your period. If you look unattractive it doesn’t matter because the relationship isn’t about that. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing ugly underwear or a bright green retainer.

Guy friends have so many benefits, but I think the best one is how they accept us how we are without wanting anything in return. So if you have one of these guys, make sure you let him know how lucky you feel!