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He asks about your relationship status

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If a guy asks whether you’re single or in a relationship, there’s a high chance that he’s interested in you. He’s scoping you out, seeing if the two of you could be a potential match. If his eyes light up when you tell him you’re single, he’s clearly into you.

There’s lots of eye contact

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It sounds like a cliche, but it’s true – extended eye contact means that a guy is into you. He especially likes you if his pupils dilate, he’s constantly trying to catch your gaze, or if he looks you up and down. Pay attention to the eyes – they’re the windows to the soul for a reason.

He ignores your texts

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Of course, you should take all actions at face value. Sometimes, however, a guy will go silent on someone they’re catching feelings for. Not out of a lack of interest – in fact, the opposite is true. He may be too overwhelmed by his growing feelings for you that he needs a bit of space in order to process his complex emotions.

He asks a lot of questions

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When a man is into someone, you can bet that they’ll be leading the conversation. They’ll usually start with the small stuff – your job, your hobbies, your family. Soon enough, he’ll move on to discuss deeper topics like your goals and dreams. He’ll be hanging on your every word, eager to learn more about you.

He teases you

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Some men revert to childish, playground tactics when they’re around people they’re romantically interested in. He may occasionally gently tease you, all with a wry smirk on his face. He’s not purposely trying to hurt your feelings, it’s simply his questionable attempt at flirting.

He quickly responds to texts

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When a guy truly likes you, all mind games go out of the window. He won’t purposely make you wait for a response to your texts, he’ll simply reply the moment he sees your name light up his screen. And why wouldn’t he? If he likes you, it’s only natural that he’ll want to talk to you as much as possible.

He slows his walking pace to match yours

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This one can be tricky to spot, particularly if you’ve never been around him one-on-one before. Many men will slow their walking speed to match their boo’s, ensuring that you’re strolling side by side down the street. He may even brush his hand gently against yours, testing the waters of your blossoming romance.

He’ll try to make you laugh

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When a guy catches his feelings, his new MO in life will be to make you laugh. He’ll constantly be cracking jokes or making puns, looking at you to gauge your reaction. His eyes will light up if you find him funny, while he may flounder and fumble if his comedic skills betray him.

He turns his body to face you

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Pay close attention to a man’s body language. If he’s closed off, crossing his arms and turning away, he’s not interested. If he’s open, turning the center of his body ever-so-slightly so that he’s facing your direction, he’s attracted to you. Bonus points are added if he leans forward, closing the distance between the two of you.

He notices small details about you

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Men aren’t usually the most observant of creatures so, if he does pick up on something about your appearance, it’s a key indicator that he’s into you. It can be something as simple as a new haircut or something more subtle like a piece of jewelry. Whatever it may be, whatever he notices is simply an excuse to compliment you.

He’ll talk about you to his friends

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If a guy likes you, you can bet that all of his friends know about you. Of course, there’s no way of knowing this unless you have some sort of psychic superpower, but it’s a comforting thought nevertheless. If you eventually meet his friends and they seem familiar with you, you’ll know he’s got the feels.

He’ll find any excuse to touch you

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Not in a creepy way – in a romantic, affectionate way. Whether it’s by tucking a stray hair behind your ear or gently brushing his hand up against yours, if a guy finds any excuse to have physical contact with you, he’s catching feelings… fast!

He remembers things you say

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Things that are important to you will suddenly become important to him. If you’re telling a story about a relative and a man suddenly brings up some obscure detail you only mentioned once, he’s into you. It shows that he’s actively listening to everything you say, placing value on your words.

He brings you thoughtful gifts

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If you vaguely mention your caffeine addiction, and your potential boo shows up to your date with your favorite coffee in hand, he’s got the feels – plain and simple. It doesn’t just show that he hangs onto every word you say, but that he also wants to do everything he can to make you happy.

He uses your name often

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An easy way to tell if a guy likes you is by paying attention to his speech. If he uses your name a lot – particularly in the early days – he likes you. Psychology says that frequently using a person’s name means that they want to be engaged with you, eagerly seeking your responses.

He smiles a lot around you

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When you make a guy happy, you can bet that it’ll be written all across his face. No matter how much he’s trying to deny his feelings, his facial expression will always give him away. If he’s grinning from ear to ear whenever you walk in the room, it’s clear that he likes you.

He’ll make an effort with his appearance

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When a man starts to catch feelings, he usually starts to put in more of an effort. He’ll spray himself with his best cologne, get a haircut, and ensure that his beard is in tip-top shape. He’ll rock up to your meet ups (or dates!) wearing his best outfit, doing everything he can to make himself look as attractive as possible.

He takes the initiative to deepen the connection

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Instead of sitting on his laurels, a guy who’s developing feelings will take a proactive approach. He’ll put the steps in place to remain in contact with you, alongside coming up with potential date ideas. Don’t wait for a guy – if he wanted to be with you, he’d put in the effort.

You catch him looking at you

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If a man is constantly staring at you, he’s definitely catching feelings. Your potential man may be looking at you to simply admire your beauty. Sometimes, however, a man will look at you to see your reaction – particularly after he’s just said something in a group setting. This shows that he’s seeking your approval, desperate to win your affection.

He singles you out in a group

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It can be hard to tell whether a guy likes you if you’re constantly spending time together in a group setting. Look out for how the man in question engages with you. If he’s always singling you out, asking you direct questions and making keen eye contact, he’s definitely developing feelings for you.

He wants to spend time with you one-on-one

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It’s all well and good hanging out in a group setting, but you can’t truly get to know someone until you spend some time with them alone. A man will do everything in his power to spend some solo time with a woman he likes, enabling the two of you to start a blooming romance.

He follows up after dates

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Rather than waiting hours or days to get back in touch, a secure, mature man won’t hesitate in setting up date number two. Even a simple text saying what they thought of the date is essentially an admission of his feelings, showing that he’s eager to see you again.

He blushes when he’s around you

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An obvious, physical sign that a man is into you is if he starts blushing. If you look him in the eye and speak directly to him, you may notice a slight red flush creep into his cheeks. This shows that he’s anxious around you, unsure of what to do with all of his pent-up feelings.

He seems a little nervous

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Tugging at his sleeves, playing with his hair, looking away, or touching his face are all signs that a guy is feeling nervous. If you notice that these behaviors flair up when you pay him direct attention, it’s highly likely that he’s romantically interested in you.

He gives you his full attention

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When you’re around, it’s like you’re the only thing in the room. His phone may buzz, but he doesn’t reach for it. His friends may speak to him, but they seem distant and far away. If this sounds familiar, your man is absolutely infatuated with you, possessing deep, true feelings.

He’s upfront and direct

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A mature, healed man won’t beat about the bush. If he likes you, he’ll let you know outright. He’ll be upfront, asking you out on a romantic date. If he likes you enough, he’ll ensure that he does everything in his power so that he doesn’t run the risk of losing you.

They get a little jealous

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A teeny, tiny bit of jealousy is healthy. It shows that your potential boo possesses deep feelings for you, wishing that they could call you their own. If they’re always asking about the other men in your life, it’s a key indicator that they like you.

He engages with your socials

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While social media isn’t the be all and end all of a relationship, for some, it can be a way to test the waters. If a man is always liking and commenting on your posts, he’s into you – it’s like he’s trying to leave his mark on your page. If he doesn’t do this, however, don’t take it as a sign of disinterest, he just may not be chronically online.

He makes plans

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If a man wants to see you, he’ll ensure that he puts the work in to make it happen. He may make plans with you before the date is over, suggesting your next outing or activity. If he’s really into you, he may suggest plans that are in the far future, essentially locking your relationship in place.

He supports you

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The biggest thing you want from a relationship is support. If a guy is always in your corner, pushing you to follow your goals and dreams, then he’s a keeper. A man with feelings will want the object of his desire to be as happy and successful as possible, doing all he can to aid you on your journey.

He wants you there for the big stuff

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Invites to be his plus one at a wedding or to join him for a family function are key indicators that a man likes you. After all, weddings are romantic affairs, while family meetups are usually intimate. If he wants you by his side for these events, he’s definitely in it for the long haul.

He checks in throughout the day

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A guy who doesn’t care will be distant and aloof. On the flip side, a man who’s catching feelings will want to be in constant communication with their boo. They’ll make sure they find the time to text or call, asking how your day is. These texts aren’t out of boredom – they’re a display of his deep-rooted emotions.

He does things for you

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For some, acts of service are their main love language. This means making their lover’s life as easy as possible by doing menial tasks like DIY, helping with technology, or picking up groceries. If a guy finds any excuse to help you – no matter how trivial it may seem – he’s got feelings for you.

He stands up for you

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Once a man catches feelings, there’s little that can change his opinion about his boo. He’ll defend you to his last breath, unable to tolerate a bad word being said about you. This defensive attitude stems from a primal need to protect, wanting to look after his lover at all costs.

He calls instead of texting

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Texts are all well and good, particularly if they’re frequent. What’s even better, however, is a guy who picks up the phone. Phone calls are a more intimate affair, connecting the two of you on a deeper level. If your man is always ringing you, it shows that he wants to hear your voice – a dead giveaway of his feelings.

He’s vulnerable around you

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From a stereotypical viewpoint, men don’t often show their emotions. If your man is willing to open up to you, then, it’s a clear sign that he’s got feelings for you. Not only are his feelings evident, but it also shows that he trusts you, laying the foundation for a potential relationship.

He interested in your interests

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When a man likes you, he’ll constantly be asking you questions. Your interests are likely to be vastly different, but for a man who’s starting to fall in love, that won’t matter. He’ll sit and listen to you gush about the things that are important to you, hanging onto your every word, perhaps even indulging you by participating in your hobbies.

He respects your boundaries

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Boundaries are vitally important in a relationship, even in the early days. If a guy respects your boundaries – whatever they may be – it shows that he truly respects you as a person. If he’s willing to put his own feelings aside in order to cater to what makes you comfortable, it’s a key sign of true, deep feelings.

He asks for your advice

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Men typically don’t ask for advice very often, instead preferring to do things on their own. If a guy does ask for you opinion on a personal matter, however, then it’s a clear sign he’s into you. Not only does he possess romantic feelings, but he also values your mind, your thoughts, and your perspective.

He mirrors your body language

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Body language is the best way to discover someone’s true feelings about you. It can’t be faked or controlled, with the subconscious mind displaying raw, unfiltered emotions. If a guy mirrors your body language, it’s a dead giveaway that he’s romantically interested – showing feelings of infatuation, trust, and comfort.