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Uncooked rice

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Uncooked white rice stored in an airtight container can last up to 30 years. That’s right, some foods can last for decades if stored properly, so this is definitely a staple for those who are looking to stay underground for a good few years. Instant microwave rice only lasts up to five years.

Peanut butter

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It doesn’t require refrigeration and can last for up to five years, which makes it a great addition to keep in stock. Even peanut butter that’s going through ‘rancidification’, isn’t as bad as it sounds. This just means the taste and smell will be bad, but it shouldn’t make you super ill.


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Honey is one of those foods that is said to last forever. Due to it being super high in sugar and naturally low in moisture, it naturally preserves itself from bacteria. Even when it starts to crystalize, it can be reversed by placing it into warm water.


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Unopened bottles of liquor like vodka, whiskey and rum can stay drinkable for pretty much forever as long as they are stored properly. Not only are they used for drinking, but in emergency cases can be used as antibacterial or fire fuel. A few bottles will definitely be found in emergency bunkers.

Dried beans

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When packaged correctly, Pinto beans for example, can last up to 30 years or even longer. This is because of the lack of moisture and oxygen, making it hard for any bacteria to be able to survive on the food. A couple of packages of these make great emergency food.

Energy bars

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Handy and light weight to carry, energy bars are a must have in a prepper’s bunker stash. The high sugar content and sealed packet means they’ll last for years. Also, the high calorie content makes them great for long treks or long days of manual work.

Beef jerky

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Store bought beef jerky has a year or longer shelf life due to it’s high sodium additives. If you are able to hunt, meat can be dried and stored at home and would usually last for a few months tops. Doomsday preppers buy this in bulk as it’s a good source of protein and easy to snack on.

Stock cubes

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Dried flavoring cubes, especially those that are vegetarian, can often last up to a year after their ‘expiry’ date. If they’ve been stored in a moisture free and airtight container, and left in their wrappings, they will be safe to eat, even if they taste slightly different.

Canned fruit

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Canned fruits have a lot of added sugar in them, and this keeps them preserved for a long time. This also makes them higher in calories and a great energy boost. They can be added to ‘desserts’ dishes in bunkers to make them taste sweeter and boost morale.

Pure vanilla extract

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If stored properly, this stuff can last for pretty much forever. Pure vanilla will have an alcohol base, which helps preserve it. Vanilla is great to add to dishes for flavor and a little goes a long way, so a big bottle of it should last you for decades.

Canned veggies

Credit: Del Monte

Canned vegetables can last for years and, even after their written expiry date, they’re pretty okay to eat. Canned veggies keep a lot of their nutrition, so preppers will buy these in bulk to line their bunker shelves. They’re affordable too, so they can be bought and stored in huge amounts.

Rolled Oats

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Oats are a staple, all good preppers know this. Even without access to microwaves or stoves, you can eat oats by simply soaking them in water overnight. The long release carbohydrates make them great to eat if you have to start rationing other foods, as they will keep you fuller for longer.


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Salt is a key product that every prepper will have. This is because if stored properly it can last forever and it’s virtually impossible to make new salt at home. Salt can be used for many things, flavoring, preserving foods and cleaning. Salt in large amounts should be a staple in any bunker.


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Stored in an airtight container, lentils will last for decades. This is because bacteria can’t survive without moisture or oxygen, and lentils are naturally very dry. They are pretty affordable so they definitely make an appearance in food shelf storage. They are nutritionally dense and easy to prepare too.

Condensed milk

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This sweet treat can last three to five years depending on the brand. Condensed milk makes a great addition to food stock as it’s high in calories and can be added to other dishes to sweeten. Paired with some tinned fruit this can make the perfect post apocalypse dessert.

Potato flakes

Credit: Andrea Sprague via The Holistic Chef

The fast food of a survival food supply. These flakes can be added to soups or gravies to thicken them and add more nutrition. They are high in calories per serving, so make a great addition to meals when you’re trying to stay full. Fully dried flakes stored properly can last for 25-30 years.

Canned ham

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It’s high in protein, fat and incredibly long lasting. Canned ham lasts for years in a cool dry place and is the perfect addition to a bunker. High protein foods keep you fuller for longer and help with energy levels. Canned ham is usually affordable and easy to store as it’s not bulky.

Coconut oil

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Coconut oil tends to last longer than other oils, which makes it good for longer term storage. It can be used for cooking, cleaning and hygiene. Its multi purpose use makes it a great use of space and storage and it’s easy to buy in larger quantities.


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Typically vinegar doesn’t have a traditional expiry date, which means it’s great to have for long term use. Vinegar can be used for a lot of different things, making it incredibly handy to have. It can pickle and preserve foods, clean surfaces or unclog pipes with baking soda.

Ramen noodles

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Instant ramen isn’t just for students! The dried noodles last a very long time, and the dehydrated flavor packets last just as long. A doomsday prepper filling up their dry food shelves will definitely have a collection of these for a quick and easy dinner.

Canned soup

Credit: Lena Abraham via Delish

Lasting from two to five years or even longer in some cases, soups are pretty much always found in food hoards. Canned soups can be bought in bulk very easily and are easy to store as they stack well. Just be sure to store a can opener too as you will end up hacking the cans open.

Powdered milk

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This product can be stored for a very long time. The expiry date on powdered milk is a very loose guideline, as many powdered milks can be used up to ten years after the expiry date. This makes a great addition to bunkers, as all you need is water to activate it.

Canned tuna

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Probably one of the most popular items amongst preppers. Canned tuna can last five years and, if there’s no damage or air in the can, it can usually be eaten way after. High in protein and healthy fats, tuna makes a great food to eat for energy and health.

Ground ginger

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Spices can make bland rationed food taste way better. Ground ginger stored properly can last for five years and it’s a special spice. Ginger has medicinal properties and can help with colds and aches, so it’s handy to have in a bunker where medical aid is scarce.

Instant coffee

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Sealed in a dark cool place, instant coffee can last up to 20 years! Coffee not only gives us energy and pep, but it can have a great boost for morale. A cup of coffee in the morning could help those stuck in a bunker stay sane.

White sugar

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Sugar doesn’t really have nutritional value but it doesn’t have to in this scenario. Sugar can be used to preserve other foods, or just be a sweetener. A sweet treat goes a long way in a bunker, and it can be stored for years making it a great staple to have.

Dried pasta

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Most labels say dried pasta can last around 2 years unopened, but that’s just how long it will taste the absolute best. Stored in airtight containers, dried pasta could last 5+ years and it’s one of the best staples to have. Carbohydrates help us stay full and the higher calories will give plenty of energy.

Baking soda

Credit: TMB Studio via Taste Of Home

Not necessarily for eating, but baking soda has many uses. It can be used to clean stubborn stains, along with vinegar, help clean clothes and it can also be used for personal hygiene. It has a super long shelf life too, making it a great addition to the stockroom.

Barley grains

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Grains can last for decades and they will add nutrition to your diet. Barley grains can be sprouted to add even more nutrition and make them edible without cooking them. You can also grind grains down to make flour if you have the means to do so.

Powdered eggs

Credit: Judee’s Gluten Free

With a 10-30 year storage life, these are essential to have in a bunker. To make a quick high in protein meal they just need water to be activated and can be cooked in the same way as traditional eggs. They can also be added to other dishes to improve texture or protein content.

Pickled veggies

Credit: Epicurious team

Pickles are preserved for years, especially in unopened glass jars. The vinegar and salt the veggies are in creates an environment that bacteria cannot thrive in, making them safe to eat for years after storage. Many people who create food stocks pickle their own foods too.

Tea bags

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Essentially dried leaves and herbs, tea bags last for years when stored correctly. Peppermint and chamomile teas have medicinal properties too which makes them great choices of flavors to stock up on. They can make boiled water taste nicer and some teas have caffeine naturally.


Credit: Getty images via Livestrong

Stevia is a sweetener naturally derived from a plant, and it lasts for years when stored properly. It doesn’t have the same calories as traditional sugar but can be used to add sweetness to foods and could be a sugar alternative to those suffering with diabetes.

Powdered jello

Credit: Walmart

Unopened, powdered jello lasts for years as the moisture has been removed from it. Packets of jello make great additions to bunkers, especially if kids are also going to be living there. They make up quick and easy desserts with just water, or can be added to other foods to thicken.

Black pepper

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Black pepper doesn’t really have an expiry date as long as it’s not exposed to a ton of moisture. The aroma may fade over years, but it’s better to have some form of seasoning than eating plain food for years. A touch of flavor on those canned beans can make eating a lot more enjoyable.


Credit: The Pioneer Woman

Filling and nutritious, this grain is found in a lot of food stores. Stored correctly, quinoa can last for 3 years and it makes great meals. Just water and some heat is required to cook it, and it makes a satiating base for other ingredients to be added to.

Corn starch

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Another ingredient that is used for many things. Corn starch isn’t eaten as is, but it can be added to so many things to thicken it up. Soups, gravies or sauces benefit from corn starch, and it can also be used for deodorant or even dry shampoo.

Seed potatoes

Credit: Mississippi Market

Potatoes are one of the longest lasting veggies to have, but seed potatoes are even better. Seed potatoes are different from the average store bought as they are able to grow other potato plants from themselves. Cuttings can be grown in many places and they don’t require a ton of conditions.


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A popular and tasty snack, but it also has a long shelf life. Popcorn just left in its packaging can last around a year, but stored in an airtight container it can last even longer. Even doomsday preppers want to enjoy a snack sat in their bunker.

Dark chocolate

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Stored properly and away from sunlight, dark chocolate can last up to 2 years. A sweet treat is a great way to boost morale, especially when grocery stores aren’t available for the foreseeable future. Chocolate with high cocoa % will store the best, as the less dairy content the better for shelf life.