Avoid a hairline that’s parallel to the floor


Bob hairstyles can be a popular choice, but one common mistake to avoid is having a hairline that’s parallel to the floor. This can make you look tired and draw the eyes downward. Instead, aim for a hairline that follows the structure of your jawline and face, lifting the eyes and creating a more youthful appearance.

Follow your jawline for the perfect hairline


To get a flattering hairstyle, follow the natural structure of your jaw and face with your hairline. This creates a lifting effect that makes you look younger and more vibrant by drawing the eyes upward toward your face. Plus, a hairline that aligns with your jawline allows for a natural flow and movement of your hair, making it more appealing. Working with a skilled stylist is important to get the best hairline for your face. Using this technique, you can show off your unique features and achieve a confident and youthful look.

Skip the shoulder flip hairstyle


The problem with hair that flips at the shoulder is its shape. Instead of having most of the volume down low by your neck, you want to create more volume up top to bring out your cheeks and eyes. This will prevent the hairstyle from dragging your look down and give you a more lifted and youthful appearance.

Avoid styles that are flippy on the bottom


This hairstyle not only has a vintage feel to it, but it also has a tendency to pull the eyes downward. Although some people can still pull it off, it doesn’t quite fit with current trends.

Don’t skip styling


Styling your hair requires effort, and it can be tempting to be lazy and skip it. However, neglecting your hair can detract from highlighting your desired features. You can enhance your appearance and exude a more youthful aura by mastering hair styling techniques.

Don’t skip layering


Styling and layering hair can be a challenging and time-consuming task for some individuals. This is where professional salons come into play, and a skilled hairdresser can become your ally. However, omitting layers can lead to undesirable results when it comes to medium-length hair. The absence of layers can create a bulky appearance, detract from your facial features, and ultimately be unflattering. In such cases, opting for layers is a wise choice.

Avoid too-long layers that weigh down hair


If hair layers are too long, the volume will primarily accumulate at the bottom, giving your hair a triangular shape. In addition, the weight of the hair will drag it down, rendering the layers ineffective. This style can have an aging effect on your appearance.

Opt for shorter layers to look youthful and dynamic


Choosing shorter layers is the key to achieving a youthful and dynamic appearance. This trendy style can also exude a sense of sexiness. Shorter layers have the ability to elevate your facial features, resulting in a fabulous glow. Embrace this look and rock it with confidence!

Draw hair away from your face to emphasize cheekbones


Sweeping hair off and away from your face can highlight the contours of your cheekbones. When combined with makeup techniques that enhance this feature, the results can be fantastic.

Tight ponytails can give you a temporary facelift


The tight ponytail creates a temporary “facelift” effect by pulling the skin on your face backward. While some individuals may find this style too constricting, it is still worth trying out to see if it works for you. If this style doesn’t suit your preferences, consider exploring other options on the next slide.