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1. Sofa Bed

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There is no real reason to try save room by buying a sofa bed instead of a regular bed. I mean, surely your guests don’t come over that often! Transforming the bed everyday and getting poor sleep is not good at all, and sofa beds have less space, so it will negatively affect the quality of your sleep too! If you are getting a bed, get a regular bed with a good mattress.

2. A collection of plastic bags

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We all have that place where we store away our plastic bags for those ‘just in case’ moments. But one day, this will lead to an complete mess in your cabinet. Instead of storing them messily, it’s better to keep plastic bags in a small box and limit the number of bags you can fit within the box. This keeps the collection down to a minimum and hidden away.

3. Big number of boxes

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It’s super convenient to store things in boxes, but we often use too many boxes, to the point where we don’t even remember what’s in them! As a result, it will waste your precious time looking for something in all of them. Instead, store clothes in a wardrobe where you can access them quickly, and for things you do use boxes, make sure you label them!

4. Overloaded coat rack in the hall

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Coat racks in the hall are always full, no matter what. But people often forget that the hall gives everyone a first impression of your house. So, if your coat rack is overloaded, then your house will instantly look messy. And the fuller your coat rack is, the more time to find the coat you want! To avoid this, buy a smaller rack! It’s that easy!

5. No place for shoes

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No matter who careful you are with where you put your shoes, eventually the whole hall will look like a mess. They are guaranteed to be left randomly on the floor only a week after you reorganised them. This leaves dirt in your hallway, which will then spread to other rooms. So instead, buy a small wardrobe for shoes where they are stored in a vertical position.

6. Huge mirrors in the room

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If you have a big mirror in your bedroom, it will most likely be on your wardrobe or closet. And you probably thought it was a good idea because mirrors can open up a small room – which is true – but big mirrors also require regular cleaning, because if the sun is shining into your room, then you are likely to see the dust on it more. To avoid this, order a wardrobe with just one mirror on one of its doors.

7. Light wardrobe in the hall

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Bright wallpaper colours can really open up a room and make the place look bigger. However, it can also cause a lot of trouble. This is because light walls, especially in the area where people change their shoes and coats, can become grey and dirty when fall comes and it will start to look messy. And this problem doesn’t have an easy solution because wallpaper is extremeky hard to wash, instead paint the walls darker.

8. Wire hangers

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if you have a lot of wire hangers, then there is a high risk of damage being caused to your clothes whenever you take them out of the closet. The damage could be caused to delicate fabrics and may cause them to lose their shape due to stretching. Instead, choose wooden hangers, which look much better and will avoid the issue.

9. Open shelving

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One of the most popular furniture people have in their kitchens is open shelving. But this can cause a lot of dust, which then mixes up with grease, and this makes it harder to clean. Therefore, shelves need to be cleaned regularly, which is an added chore, and it’s also hard to keep the shelves perfectly tidy as clutter will slowly be added to it. Instead, opt for closed cabinets that hide away the mess and clutter.

10. Banquet tables

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Many people have transforming tables that can become longer for whenever guests come round and they may need extra spaces at the table. But guests don’t come often, and transforming a table can take time, and a lot of room! It’s more like a chunky piece of furniture that is used once every 6 months – it’s pointless! instead, buy a round table that can accommodate more guests if needed.