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Your hairbrush should be cleaned at least once a week, and replaced every year. This is because the build-up of hair oils can’t just be removed by hand and needs to be cleaned out. Replace your hairbrush every year so the bristles don’t damage your hair.


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Perfumes that contain essential oils last around 3 years unopened, but only 2 years when opened. This is because essential oils are natural and natural ingredients often don’t have a super long shelf life. Your perfume won’t make you ill if you use it, but the smell won’t be the same or last as long.


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Over time, any kind of pillow can lose its shape and become bad for your neck or back support. Not only that, old fabrics can become a home for moths or dust mites, which can eat away at other soft furnishings in the home. Aim to replace your pillows every 2-3 years.


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Latex pacifiers should be replaced every 2-3 weeks, regardless of how much they’ve been used. This is because latex breaks quite easily, and even stored away from children it can crack or open up. Germs will find themselves in these small cracks and shouldn’t be given to babies.

Child car seats

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The plastic and foam can start to degrade over time, and this can be a safety hazard. The seat can lose its shape, and that could be dangerous for your child to be sat in as it won’t keep them supported. Replace the seats every 6-10 years.


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Slippers are the perfect environment for the growth and spread of fungal infections or other skin infections. They should be washed every 1-2 weeks depending on wear, and should really be replaced every 6 months if they are flimsy. Aim to purchase those that allow your feet to breathe and can be machine washed.


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When they get wet everyday, especially when washing up dishes in warm water, they can start to grow mold or other bacteria. You don’t want to keep washing the dishes you eat off with that, so aim to replace your dish sponge every 2 weeks.


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As soon as your bra starts to loosen, lose its shape or the elastic isn’t supportive, it’s time to replace it. Everyday wear bras should be replaced 1-2 years as the elastic can get worn down pretty easily from wear and washing over this time.

Running shoes

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After a few hundred miles of use, the cushioning in your shoes can start to wear away. This can impact the support of your feet and make running uncomfortable or affects other areas of your body. Get a new pair of running shoes every 1-2 years if you are an avid runner.


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After a few years, spices can lose their aroma and taste. This can happen anywhere between 6 months to 3 years, depending on the spice and storage. Be sure to store your spices in airtight containers to keep them the freshest for longer and replace ground spices every 6 months.


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It’s found in most people’s pantries, but do you know how old it is? Flour should be thrown out every 6 to 12 months, depending on the quality and grade. This is because flour can grow mold or even attract mites, especially if not stored properly.

Shower scrub or sponge

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A warm and wet environment is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to grow. Shower scrubs can quickly grow mold or bacterias, or even spread fungal infections if left in shared bathroom spaces. Replace your scrubs every couple of weeks, or get a natural one that can be boiled to kill bacteria.

Fire extinguisher

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They can last up to 15 years in perfect condition, but if they have any issues or cracks, they should be serviced or replaced immediately. Fire extinguishers should always be in working order, and have regular checks as they need to not have any issues when in an emergency.

Makeup brushes

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You probably have a makeup brush in your kit from years ago, but it’s best to get rid of it now. Even washed regularly, makeup brushes should be replaced every 2 years. This is because the bristles can start to degrade and germs can fill the little cracks or gaps between the handle or hairs.

Power strips

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These are useful in homes with a lot of people or tech lovers, but they should be checked on regularly. They have electronic limits, usually stated on their main body, but they can also become faulty with overuse or damage. Aim to replace them every 1-2 years.


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Ideally you should get new bath towels every 1 to 3 years, because even washing them regularly won’t solve the problem. Towels eventually start to unravel or break down after a lot of use, and getting them constantly wet and dry speeds up that process.

Home disinfectants

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After around 3 months, disinfectants can lose their effectiveness. If you live alone or only have a small home, it’s best to avoid buying huge amounts of products even if they seem better value, because you don’t want to end up throwing away large amounts of useless products.


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Unfortunately, that lipstick you’ve had for years should probably not go on your face. Most lipsticks, in any form, should be thrown out after 1 year of being opened and used. This is because they can quickly gather bacteria, especially those in tubes with stick applicators.

Mosquito repellents

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Be sure to buy a new bottle if you’ve not traveled to a hot climate for a few years. After around 2 years, mosquito repellents become less effective or even completely unreliable. This can be due to anything from time, sunlight exposure or damage to the aerosol can.

Power sockets

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Whilst they may not have expiration dates on them, many electricians say you should replace them every 4-5 years. This is because damage or wear can be a cause for electric fires. Overheating, cracks or loose wires can all be very dangerous and a fire hazard.


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When the bristles become worn down you should replace the toothbrush, but also if you have been very ill recently. It’s best to replace the toothbrush so you don’t get ill again, and also to avoid spreading it to others. If you can, buy an electric toothbrush that will allow you to just replace the head.

Hydrogen peroxide

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Two months after opening, hydrogen peroxide can turn into regular water. After this it will basically become useless, so make sure you buy a new bottle every few months. A closed bottle shouldn’t be stored for longer than a year, as it can lose its effectiveness too.


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These ideally should be replaced every 7-8 years. A saggy or lumpy mattress can really affect your sleep or posture, which can then impact other aspects of your life. Some mattresses can also harbor bacteria or dust mites, which can cause allergies or cold-like symptoms and stop you getting a good night’s sleep.

Chopping boards

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Deep scratches or discoloration can be signs it’s time to replace your chopping boards. Affordable plastic chopping boards should be replaced yearly, as bacteria can grow in the cracks and scratches left by knives. Make sure to have separate boards for meat and vegetables to avoid contamination of bacteria.

Disposable razors

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After every 3 uses, you should replace your disposable razor. This is because they’re usually made from cheaper materials that break down quicker. The blades can become dull or rusted on the side of the bath quickly, which can cause bad skin irritation or accidental cuts.


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Even if it’s your favorite product, your mascara should be replaced every 3-6 months. Products that go around your eyes should have even more care taken when storing them. Old mascara can have a build up of bacteria that can affect your eyelashes or sensitive eyelid area.


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Past its expiry date, sunscreen will become less effective or useless altogether. You should replace it every 2 years, which seems like a long time, but most of us don’t wear it in the winter months. It’s best to buy a new bottle every time you are going on a sunny vacation.

Smoke detectors

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Replacing the batteries is a good habit to have, but often you should check the detector overall too. Manufacturers say you should replace them every 10 years, and do a check every month to make sure the sound element and smoke sensor is working inside.


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Some medicines are sensitive to moisture and air, so they can lose effectiveness over time. Make sure to check with your pharmacist or the directions on the box to see when the expirations date are for your specific medications. Some medicines are dangerous after expirations too so be sure to check before you take.


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Most people use these as accessories, but genuine sunglasses are used for more than that. The UV coating on the lenses protects your eyes from harsh light and helps prevent eye damage. Scratches or peeling on the lenses can make them lose their effectiveness, so be sure to replace any faulty glasses every 2 years.

Bike helmets

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The materials are bound to degrade over time and this can impact the effectiveness. Health experts claim you should replace your bike helmets every 3 to 5 years, depending on use. If your helmet has been involved in any crashes or has any faults it should always be replaced.


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Hair products can go bad, especially when they’ve been exposed to air and have been opened a while. Opened bottles of shampoo should be thrown out after 18 months, or if you start to notice any ball smells or texture changes. Don’t use expired products on your hair.


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Pay attention to your deodorant’s expiration dates if you don’t want to stink. Unopened, deodorants will last around 2 years but once opened make sure to use it up within a year. Over time the ingredients can become less effective or useless at preventing sweat or smells.


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Your can of wall paint can be useful to have around for touch ups, but it starts to degrade as soon as the air touches it. Depending on the paint and quality, paint can become useless in 6 months to a few years. Keep your paint longer by wrapping plastic wrap over the top before adding the lid.


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The chemicals in batteries start to degrade straight after manufacture, so they definitely have an expiration date. Depending on the size and shape, batteries will have their shelf life on the packet they come in, so be sure to read before using on your appliances. Store batteries in a cool dry place.


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Gasoline can be stored for up to 2 years so don’t stock up in huge amounts if you’re not planning on using it soon. Kerosene can be stored for up to 2 years if stored in a proper container and completely out of sunlight exposure.

Canned foods

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Yes, even canned foods. Certain types of food store for way less time than others, like highly acidic foods. Tomato sauce is safe for around 18 months, but other low acidic foods like green beans are good for 5 years. Any bulging, rust or discoloration is a sign to not eat any of the contents.

Makeup sponges

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Often your foundation or blush stains can hide the color changes of the sponge and make it look like it’s still fine. But really, they should be replaced every 3 months as they can quickly build up bacteria or mold, especially inside where you can’t see.

Hand sanitizer

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If you’ve had that one bottle in your bag for years, it’s probably best to throw it away. Hand sanitizers only have an effectiveness for around 2 years after opening, because the chemicals get exposed to air. Make sure to buy a fresh bottle for your purse.


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Putting anything expired on your face or skin is a bad idea. Moisturizers can go bad after being opened, often because they also contain natural ingredients like shea butter. Replace your lotions and body butters at least every 6 months to keep your skin feeling fresh.