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It may seem super affordable, but people have complained that it’s super fatty and not high quality. Many customers have claimed they end up cutting so much fat and tissue of their chicken that the portions shrink significantly. It’s best to find some organic chicken breast elsewhere.


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Their biggest complaint when it comes to fresh produce is the over-ripe, borderline moldy fruits. Customers have often found punnets of strawberries that have already gone bad, whilst still on the shelf. Fruit can be expensive, especially out of season, but be wary when picking up packets and check them over for mold.

Toilet paper

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You want to cut costs where you can, but maybe don’t get your toilet paper at Aldi. A lot of what they have to offer is cheaper for a reason, and it’s usually because it’s super thin. You will probably go through rolls quicker than if you were just to spend a few extra dollars on the luxury stuff.

Faux Oreos

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I’m sure you can’t tell the difference right? Wrong. The fake ‘milk and cookies’ style cookies at Aldi don’t taste like Oreos, even when eaten with a glass of milk. Oreos are usually a decent size price at grocery stores and often go on sale as they are a household favorite, so just stick to getting them when you can.

Toilet cleaners

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Aldi’s toilet cleaners and toilet bleach may be a good price compared to name brand cleaners, but it has a very runny texture. To get a squeaky clean toilet you need a cleaner that sticks to the bowl to break down the bacteria, but Aldi’s version just slips right down into the water.

Faux Pringles

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Pringles can be expensive unfortunately, but the cheaper version just doesn’t make a good replacement. Customers have complained they have a weird thicker texture that doesn’t mark up to the Pringle’s crunch. They also seem to have less flavor overall, so it’s best to just avoid trying these out.

Frozen fried rice

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This has very mixed reviews online but a lot of super bad ones too. The rice apparently has a weird after taste, and the veggies included don’t reheat very well so remain hard and flavorless. Customers have complained it tastes bad, not even ‘fine’, so it’s probably best to just make your own at home.

Hard taco shells

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Stale, crumbly and overall bad is the main message coming from customers who have tried these. Even after buying a few bags over the year to see if it was a fluke, customers have confirmed that they always taste stale and that even if they’re cheap, they’re just not worth it.

Faux crackers

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Goldfish, Cheez-Its and Ritz can’t be replaced with off brand versions, and Aldi proves this. Parents who were trying to pinch pennies bought these and claimed their kids immediately knew the difference without being told. Don’t end up buying snacks your kids refuse to eat.


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It would be great if Aldi did great dupes for dips that would make setting up a party platter easier. However, many people have complained about the taste and texture of a lot of Aldi’s dips. Many claimed that they were super watery and dairy based ones tasted sour.


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Cheap wine often tastes like cheap wine. Aldi’s wine has been reviewed overall as having a funny after taste and doesn’t have any depth or real flavor like more expensive wines. If you don’t drink too often, just treat yourself to a bottle that’s a few more dollars.

Fruit snacks

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Filling lunch boxes on a budget can be hard, but these just don’t taste very good. Reviews have claimed these are chewy and have a bitter after taste, and it’s probably due to the lack of fresh ingredients that make them cheap and shelf stable.

Granola bars

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If you’re not buying the ones that are covered in chocolate or fudge, you’ll be getting very little flavor elsewhere. The ‘healthy’ ones that are just plain with nuts and fruit have been compared to tasting like stale cardboard, which doesn’t sound very appealing for a snack.

Faux sodas

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Fake cola never tastes like Coca Cola. A lot of customers who have tried out the fake versions of name brand beverages have been left disappointed. The cans often aren’t as bubbly and if you’re buying diet versions they have a very weak fake taste.

Cat litter

Credit: Aldi

Cat lovers want the best for their pets. According to ‘Aldi reviewer’ the Aldi’s store brand version doesn’t work as effectively as it should compared to pet specialist brands. The dust is fine and often gets everywhere and the crystals don’t clump the waste very well.


Credit: Aldi

This is surprisingly not the place to buy your affordable deodorants, as Aldi prices aren’t the best. A lot of stores in the US don’t have an Aldi own brand version, so you will still be choosing between limited selections of name branded deodorants. You’re best going to a large toiletries store for better options.


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This is another hit or miss product. If you eat a lot of yogurt and know what you like, you probably won’t like Aldi’s versions. Some customers avoid buying it at Aldi as they have complained it tastes sour and is too watery, and even the ‘thicker’ products don’t compare to name brands for texture.

Shredded cheese

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Many of Aldi’s own brand shredded cheese products have Cellulose in them. Cellulose is used to prevent clumping, but it also affects the melting capability of the cheese and can make it powdery or rubbery. So if you use shredded cheese for its convenience for cooking, maybe try a block instead.

Frozen fish sticks

Credit: Aldi UK Press office

A great option for a quick dinner for you and the kids, but the Aldi ones are not it. Many reviews from Aldi shoppers have claimed the fish sticks have very little fish meat, and are all bread crumbs, which just seems like a waste of money regardless of how affordable they seemed.

Paper towels

Credit: Aldi Reviewer

No one likes spending money on disposable products, but just skip this. The paper towel is super thin, not very absorbent and tears easily. You will go through a roll of it fast, and end up wasting too many sheets just trying to wipe up one small spill.

Salad dressing

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Reddit users have pretty much the same opinion on Aldi salad dressings. The bottles don’t seem to be the same every time, with some being too salty, too runny or some being too thick or flavorless. It seems Aldi manufacturers cut corners when bottling their recipe.

Bagged salads

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Their fresh produce just doesn’t seem to be very popular. The bagged salad leaves have often been seen as slimy and wilted, even on the shelves before purchase. Some customers also complained that the day after they bought them, they had basically gone bad overnight in their fridge.

Corned beef hash

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“That corned beef hash was the worst canned food product I ever purchased in my entire life- and I’m 73.” was the words of just one of the many critics. If you’re looking for a quick and warming meal in minutes, skip this can. Many people have compared it to wet sludge and mush.

Jarred Alfredo sauce

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Whilst the reviews didn’t specify which exact jar, many people think the bad reviews are coming for Priano, a private label sold at Aldi. This sauce has been described as “horrible” and “off-tasting” which is far off the creamy and rich taste it should be as an alfredo.


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If you have a household where bread gets eaten up in days, this isn’t shouldn’t be an issue for you. However, if you live alone or it’s just the two of you, you may have moldy bread constantly in your home. Some customers have claimed Aldi’s bread has a poor shelf life and has been going moldy only 3 days after opening.

Marinated meats

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Buying already marinated meat can save you so much time at dinner time, but maybe skip the Aldi versions. Customers have complained that the meats they buy have been super salty, and the marinade flavor is just over powdered by the salt rubbed into the meat.

Faux Doritos

Credit: Aldi Reviewer

It shouldn’t be hard to mess up flavored tortilla chips but Aldi somehow does. Customers have claimed they often come in tiny pieces, like they’ve been destroyed during transit. Not only that, the ‘Dorito’ flavor they’re trying to mimic is very bland or just straight up salty.


Credit: Fruitnet

Potatoes should be a good standard everywhere as they are so accessible and a staple, but Aldi doesn’t seem to get the memo. Many bags have been found to be covered in brown spots or roots, like they’ve been in storage for a while and allowed to grow.

Pre-ripened avocados

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Aldi just doesn’t seem to get their timelines right with ripening produce. There’s no set standard for how ‘ripe’ something has to be to label it as such. So, you could pick up a rock solid green avocado, or one that’s seconds away from going fully bad.


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If you’re planning on visiting for the Thanksgiving stock up, go elsewhere for your turkey. did a price comparison between a few different stores for meats including turkey, and found Aldi’s turkey was regularly more expensive than Kroger or Walmart. So Aldi isn’t always cheapest after all.


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This isn’t on here because of price, but because of its nutrition. Aldi’s basic sweet cereals are full of sugar, way more than necessary. This could be to improve shelf life or make basic ingredients taste better, but nevertheless you should avoid these sugar bombs where you can.

Name brand items

Credit: Talia Lakritz via Insider

The prices of these items might be more expensive than at other mainstream grocery stores, as sometimes Aldi may inflate name brands slightly to make their own lines look more affordable. Remember too, Aldi doesn’t have a coupon system, so you will probably never get good deals on name brand products.

Frozen sushi

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Yes, that’s a thing Aldi sells. Sushi lovers steer clear of this product as sushi is best served fresh or as close to fresh as possible if refrigerated, so it’s not going to be good frozen. Online reviews have claimed the frozen stuff completely loses its sticky rice texture and flavor.


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The majority of stores only offer a few select name brand options, so you have a very limited choice. Because Aldi doesn’t have coupons, you’re best buying your branded shampoo from drugstores, using coupons too, or buying more affordable options there. Don’t fall for the convenience of everything being in one store.

Premium bacon

Credit: Aldi

There doesn’t seem to be anything premium about this product. According to ‘Aldi reviewer’ they have received many complaints about the Appleton Farms bacon, saying the slicing is poor and there was way too much fat compared to meat. Get your good quality bacon from a real butcher.

Canned sausages

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If you’re looking to stock up, just get these from another grocery store. Aldi’s Brookdale Vienna Sausages have mixed reviews, but those who actually end up eating them and not just stockpiling them claim they taste salty and weird. If you eat a lot of hotdogs in your home, definitely choose a better brand.

Store-prepared fresh food

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Looking to buy a sandwich or salad for your lunch break? Go somewhere else. Aldi’s store prepared food received an extremely low grade from Consumer Reports, probably because ‘cheap’ ingredients end up tasting pretty bad when mixed together in a sandwich and shoved in a plastic case.

Flour tortillas

Credit: Open Food Facts

A lot of customers have expressed disappointment with Aldi’s flour tortillas. Some have said that even when freshly opened the tortillas are very stiff and have an artificial taste. Another online review that seemed to be common was that they tore easily, even when warmed up.


Credit: Tori Hazelett via Insider

Mayo can be super expensive for some unknown reason at other stores, but try to find it cheaper outside of Aldi. Reviews of Aldi’s mayo ranges have claimed it has unpleasant after taste. Also they usually just use it to mix in with other sauces, rather than a standalone condiment.

Sandwich bags

Credit: ALDI Mum

Aldi shoppers really don’t like their ziplock and sandwich bags. Apparently they are super bad at staying sealed, and many people have had their lunch spill into their work bags. They aren’t even as affordable as other stores either, so you’re best just avoiding buying them.