Do you need to stand out from the crowd? Is it for a new job? Is it for love? Is it because you’re too awesome not to? If you want to get noticed and never forgotten you need to only pick one of the suggestions from the list below to implement.


1. Cut the letters of your name our of cheese/ham slices and stick them to the persons windscreen/bedroom window. This says: You’re creative.

2. Wear all your clothes back to front. This says: You’re into fashion.

3. Write a very short note but do it on A3 paper. This says: You follow your own rules.

4. Speak in a new accent every time you start a new sentence. This says: You’re cultured.

5. When you’ve made your point finish off the sentence with the phrase, ‘Zig-a-zig-ahh’. This says: You’re cool.


6. Wear 2 pairs of sun glassess at the same time. This says: You’re a trend setter.

7. Draw your eyebrows on upside down. This says: You won’t conform to nature.

8. Leave a trail of breadcrumbs everywhere you go. This says: You won’t ever get lost.

9. Dance to silence. This says: You’re an artist.

10. Master the art of answering questions while you ask them. This says: You’re intelligent.

11. Race and push past people to open doors. This says: You’re charming.

12. Let people know how good/poor you think their dental hygiene is. This says: You’re observant

13. Randomly burst into tears and the apologise, explaining that you just remembered the ending of Titanic. This says: You’re passionate

14. Turn everything you can into an innuendo. This says: You’re a flirt.

15. Comment on this post with your own original idea of how to get noticed. This says: You’re one of a kind.