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It can be hard to tell if someone likes you, either romantically or platonically. You might think that it’s easier to tell if someone doesn’t like you, but that’s not necessarily true. Here’s some signs to keep an eye out for, even if you think things are going great…

1. Limited eye contact

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Making eye contact can be really hard for people who are socially awkward. However, making eye contact shows someone that you have their full attention. So . if someone’s eyes are always flitting around the room, it may be a sign that they secretly don’t like you.

2. One-word responses

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Sometimes less is more, and no one likes someone who talks your ear off. All that being said, if someone replies with only one word answers to everything you say, it’s probably a good indicator that they have no real interest in what you have to say. You don’t need people like that in your life.

3. They’re avoiding you


Everyone is so busy nowadays, that it’s easy to feel like someone is avoiding you if they are always cancelling plans. Although it’s not nice to think about, if someone is constantly making excuses not be around you, it could be down to more than the fact that they’re busy.

4. They don’t ask anything about you

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Someone people are just self-obsessed by nature. We all have that one friend who never stops talking about themselves, but we love them anyway. However, if you know someone who acts normal around others and then only talks about themselves around you, it could be because they have no interest in your life.

5. They don’t introduce you to their friends

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Some people like to keep their friend groups separate to avoid personality clashes. However, if you notice that one of your friends or someone who you’ve been dating has been telling you stories about all their friends, but you never seem to meet them; it could be time to rethink.

6. They don’t initiate plans

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Some people feel insecure about reaching out to make plans for fear of rejection. It can always be scary to ask someone out first, even if it is just on a friend-date. However, if you notice that someone never initiates plans, it could mean that they’re just not that keen to spend time with you.

7. They always cancel

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In the same vein as this, if you notice that someone is always cancelling plans last minute, it could mean that when it comes to the day of, they can’t bear to spend time with you. It’s no biggie, maybe they just can’t stand to be around you…

8. They always seem distracted

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If you’re out a busy bar or coffee shop, it can be easy to get distracted, especially if there’s a lot going on around you. However, if you find that someone you are out with consistently says, “wait, what”? Or just isn’t paying attention, it could be time to have a think.

9. They never want to have deep talks

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Deep talks with friends/partners are the spice of life. Some people are like open books, and some need a few glasses of wine before they get emotional. Whatever way you do it, make sure you are doing it or it could mean that the other person doesn’t like you enough to get deep.

10. Minimal physical touch or affection

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Not everyone likes to be holding hands or hugging all the time, and PDA can be way too much sometimes, even between friends. However, if you find that someone you know is affectionate with everyone else but you; it could mean that they’re not interested.

11. They don’t remember anything about you

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“Wait, what do you do again?” We’re all guilty of having a very close friend who we know everything about, apart from what the actually do for a living… But, if you have a friend who can’t retain any details about you, they probably just don’t care.

12. They aren’t there for you

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It’s important to have a shoulder to cry on in times of need, and it’s even more important to make sure that the person attached to that shoulder actually cares for you and has your best interests at heart. If they don’t, it could mean that they just don’t like you.

13. They never reply to you

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Okay, we have that person in our lives whose phone is always on ‘Do Not Disturb’ and we get it, live gets crazy sometimes and you’ve gotta go unplugged. However, if you find that this person always seems to be on their phone when they’re with you, but never replies to your messages; maybe they just don’t like you?

14. They never come to you with good news

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Are you always hearing about their promotions or exciting stories weeks after they happen through mutual friends, even though you just saw them last week? If someone doesn’t want you to celebrate their successes with them, this is a big indicator that they don’t see your relationship as being particularly close or important to them.

15. They never interact with you on social media

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In today’s social climate, interactions on social media posts are a genuine way to check if someone values your relationship. Don’t get mad at your friend who doesn’t even have Instagram, though! If you know someone who always likes everyone’s posts but doesn’t like yours, it could me more than just your posts they don’t like…

16. They never ask how you are

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Underline and highlight this one. If someone is constantly talking about themselves, but literally never asks you how you are; this probably means that they just don’t care how you are. This may sound sad, but you don’t need people in your life who don’t take a genuine interest in how you are doing. Period.

17. They always sigh around you

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Some people make it really obvious that they don’t like you, and there’s nothing more passive aggressive that a really obviously loud sigh. Nothing screams ‘I don’t like you’ more than that! Unless you’re out on a run, there’s no need for someone to be sighing loudly every time they are around you!

18. They don’t care when you succeed

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Some people do this out of jealousy, but for whatever reason, it’s a big indicator that someone doesn’t like you. There’s no point having people in your life who don’t celebrate your wins, the same way there’s no point having people in your life who are there for you if you lose.

19. They don’t laugh at your jokes

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Okay, we’re all guilty of delivering some really unfunny dad jokes that our friends might not laugh at. With that being said, if you have one person in your life who never even cracks a smile every that you deliver a zinger, it might not be the joke, it might be that they just don’t like you…

20. They don’t invite you anywhere

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This one should be pretty obvious. The main point of knowing someone socially is to do just that, socialise with them. If you have someone in your life who you literally never see because they never prioritise spending time with you, what’s the point? They could even be doing this because they just don’t like you at all.

21. They display negative body language

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If someone is always turning away from you when you talk to them, walking on ahead when you are out together or frowning a bit when you talk to them, these could be telltale signs that they don’t like you. Body language says things that people feel too awkward to say themselves, so listen to it!

22. They avoid standing or sitting next to you

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No, don’t worry, it’s not because you smell, they just can’t stand to be around you! See, doesn’t that feel better? Seriously though, if someone puts physical distance between themselves and you, this could be a good indicator to the distance they are alos putting in place emotionally.

23. Their tone of voice is flat

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Some people are very animated, and others are monotonous by nature, and if you know this to be the case, don’t take it to heart too much. However, if you notice that someone sounds so bored that they might fall asleep every time that you talk to them, it could just be that they don’t like you that much.

24. They always criticize you

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Again, this could be a case of someone who acts out of jealousy. But, either way, if someone always has something to say to your successes just to take you down a peg, this means that they don’t have your best interests at heart, and that they probably don’t like you very much.

25. They are always sarcastic

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Sarcasm is a sign of intelligence, and done right, it can make someone come across as really funny and witty. However, if someone overdoes it on the sarcasm, what you are perceiving as sarcasm might not be a joke at all. They might be being deadly serious because they don’t like you.

26. They always look for the next best offer

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Ever had someone in your life who makes plans with you, but always keeps themselves open to other opportunities, and the minute something else comes up, they’re gone? This one really doesn’t feel good, but sadly, does happen and usually means that someone doesn’t like spending time with you.

27. They don’t want to make plans that work for you too

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Do they only want to socialise when it suits them? Do they only bring you out to lunch because they know that you’ll offer to pay? If this is the case, it’s not only rude, but an indication that someone doesn’t like you. Get outta there, you don’t need that abd energy in your life.

28. They always talk over you

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If someone doesn’t like you, they don’t value what you have to add to a conversation, which means that they will most likely interrupt you at any chance they get. If they do this sometimes and then apologise, that’s totally normal, but someone who consistently talks over you is bad news.

29. You sense tension when you’re together

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Are you ever out with someone and the vibe is just off? Like, they secretly hate you or something? Maybe that’s true! Don’t take it to heart, sometimes personalities just clash and everyone involved feels too awkward to say anything, this is a sure way to create tension.

30. They downplay your achievements

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If you’re really prof of something, even if it’s something small, you should have people around you that are just as proud as you are. If you find that someone around you is always downplaying your achievements and making you wish you ahd never told them in the first place, they probably don’t like you very much. Good riddance.

31. They act jealous

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People do a lot of strange things when they feel jealous, including some of the aforementioned behaviours in this list. if someone really loves you, they won’t be jealous of you, they’ll be your biggest fans and only want the best for you. Jealousy just make things messy.

32. They downplay your feelings

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It can take a lot of courage to open up to someone, especially if you’re feeling very emotional. It’s so important that someone makes you feel validated and like your emotions are nothing to be ashamed of. If someone just dismisses how you feel, it could mean that they do’t really like you.

33. They never want to lend you anything

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Sharing is caring! If you know someone who won’t lend you any of their belongings, especially if you are a trustworthy person, this could simply be because they don’t feel like putting themselves out there for you or helping you with anything, which sure sounds like something someone who didn’t like you would do.

34. They gossip about you

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This one is a big tell. Loyalty is the number one thing that we all look for in our relationships, and if you find out that someone is talking about you behind your back, it can feel like a knife straight between the ribs. If someone doesn’t stand up for you, let alone fuels the fire, it probably means that they don’t like you.

35. You’ve noticed that they’re more friendly with others

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If you know someone who is all sunshine and rainbows around other people, but it’s like a grey cloud is floating over their heads when you two are alone, this would be a great indicator that they don’t like you You deserve to have people around you who see you as a ray of sunshine.

36. They don’t react positively to your compliments

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Some people are just awkward and don’t like compliments, and this is totally fine. But, would it kill them to just say “thank you” or to crack a smile? If someone dismisses your compliments, it could mean that they don’t want any compliments from someone they don’t like…

37. They respond positively to others who criticize you

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We all deserve to have someone in our corners no matter what, so it can really heart when you find out that someone has been laughing along with nasty jokes people have been making. This may mean that they don’t like you, but it will also lead to them being disliked very soon…

38. They make excuses to end conversations

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Ever been on FaceTime with someone and they have a suspicious WiFi cut and then just never call you back? Yeah, that’s not a good sign. If someone is making excuses not to talk to you or to end conversations early, you should probably just quit while you’re ahead.

39. You feel that your relationship is one-sided

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In general, if you feel like you’re putting in all the effort to make a relationship last, either the person doesn’t value you, or they downright just don’t like you. Either way, it’s important to nurture relationships that you see someone else making an effort with too.

40. You feel like you’re being used

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Some people in this life are just users, but make sure you don’t get ensnared by one! Being used by someone emotionally or otherwise is totally draining and can make you neglect your own needs; someone who actually likes you wouldn’t do that to you. Free yourself!

41. They forget your birthday

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This may seem like a small, material thing but, still, nothing feel worse than when someone forgets your birthday. Even a small text or a card shows that someone is thinking about you on your special day and, if you don’t get it, you may be dealing with someone who doesn’t actually like you.

42. They get you gifts that aren’t really your style

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Still on the topic of birthdays and celebrations; there’s nothing more awkward than someone buying you a rainbow eyeshadow palette when they know you don’t even wear makeup. This shows that someone hasn’t been paying attention to your little quirks and doesn’t like you enough to get you a present you’d actually enjoy.

43. They ask you to do things that make you uncomfortable

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If someone knows that something makes you uncomfortable and they ask you to do it anyway, it could mean that they don’t respect you very much. Do they ask you to go to big parties even though they’re not your thing and then make you feel bad for not going? Yeah, give that a think.

44. They leave you hanging in social situations

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There’s nothing worse than being invited out with a friend’s group of friends and being left hanging by the one person you actually know there. If someone does this, it shows that they are more interested in having the biggest guest list, rather than valuing their friendships.

45. They don’t notice appearance changes

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Have you ever been so excited to show someone your brand new haircut, only for them to not even notice? Yeah, that one hurts. No one is saying that they need to notice when you put on your mascara differently, but it would be nice to get a compliment on a big change!

46. They only use you when they’re single

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Have you ever had a friend who wants to hang with you every day, right up until the moment that they get into a relationship? Someone who only uses you as a source of entertainment when they have nothing else to do, probably doesn’t value your company and is using you as a TLD: Temporary Loneliness Distraction.

47. They don’t follow up on life events

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Did you tell them that you had a big interview on Thursday? Or a big date on Friday? And they never even texted you to ask how it was? This means that they probably don’t like you very much, as they don’t even care about you enough to check-up on how something important went.

48. They don’t look out for you in embarrassing situations

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If you’ve been out all night with spinach stuck in your teeth or toilet roll on the bottom if your shoe, you’d like to think that true friend would tell you about it! It’s different if they didn’t notice but, if they did, it could mean that they like embarrassing you? So not cool.

49. They always side with other people

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Sometimes, we just need to rant to our friends about the arguments we have had and, even if we aren’t right, we sometime just want our friends to take our side. Even if it is delusional. If someone is always siding with the other party, then they obviously aren’t there for you!

50. You feel like they don’t

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There’s a million ways that someone might hint at the fact that they don’t like you, and some ways are more obvious than others. That being said, the best way to tell if someone doesn’t like you is to go with your gut. If you think they don’t, get outta there before you get hurt.