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Joke t-shirts

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Casual wear is great but if the only T-shirts you own have a funny slogan on them, you may need to invest in some others. Joke t-shirts give off the impression you either don’t care about your appearance, or you’re trying too hard to be ‘cool’.

Baggy suits

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Nothing says sophisticated and put together like a well made suit, but if it doesn’t fit it can make you stand out for the wrong reasons. If your suit hangs off you it can make you seem older as it looks like you’ve shrunken out of your suit with age.

Old jeans

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Those boot cut jeans aren’t doing anything anymore. Men who wear outdated styles of jeans or past trends are aging themselves. Jeans from the 70s can make you look older even if you bought them recently, as they can sag in the wrong places very easily.

Trending items

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Of course you can get style inspiration from current trends, but if you only wear what the ‘kids’ are wearing you will lose your own style and start to look older. Maturing is a gift, so don’t hide it behind TikTok trends or what teens tell you to wear, often you will look like you’re cosplaying as someone who is younger.

The wrong hairstyle

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A lot of men experience hair loss as they age, and it can be disheartening, but certain hairstyles make it seem worse. If you have thinning hair, combing it to one side can make those areas more noticeable and age you more. Work with your hair, even if that means taking more off than you would like to even things out.

Not having a skincare routine

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Your face is the first thing that starts to dramatically age, so take care of it. Not using at least a moisturiser will age you more than your friends who stick to using products in the morning and night. You don’t need a 30 step routine, but invest in 2-3 good products.

Wearing flashy things

Credit: Matthew Sperzel via Fashion Statement

If you genuinely love color, great, but if you’re doing it to look younger or ‘hip’ that’s where you’re going wrong. People can tell when you’re trying too hard to look young, so just stick to colors you actually feel comfy in and suit your skin tone.

Clunky comfy shoes

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You need shoes to be comfy especially as you age, but there are so many options out there other than those tatty sneakers. If you want running or tennis shoes, choose a sleek pair in a neutral color that won’t stand out when paired with your outfits.

Not embracing the gray

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It can be shocking seeing gray hairs start to develop, but it can actually work for you. Home dying your hair can actually age you more, as it can become darker than you anticipated on thinner or older hair. Trying to stay looking ‘youthful’ can make you look older by default.

Not adapting to the times

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Never wanting to grow up out of the time you were young can stop you looking your best. Refusing to replace dated jackets or pants can make it seem like you are stuck in the last couple of decades, and not in the cool vintage way. Keep some special pieces you love, but replace worn out items.

Pairing comfort shoes with suits

Credit: Gentleman’s Trend

The commute in the morning can be cold and uncomfortable, but suits should never be worn with old dad sneakers. The wrong shoes can age you, as they make it look like you’re looking for comfort more than style. Invest in a good pair of dress shoes that are comfy but appropriate for work.

Ignoring facial hair

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Facial hair can make or break your appearance. Don’t leave it to grow or become untidy, instead sculpt it around your face. Invest in a high quality shaver if you can, or even a nose hair trimmer if you can’t stand tweezers. Neat eyebrows aren’t only reserved for women, and can really frame your face.

Dated eyeglasses

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They were cool in the 80s but we’re not there anymore. Never updating the shape or frame of your eyeglasses can immediately age you. People generally associate big roundish frames with the elderly, so don’t get caught out with ageing frames. Use frames to help sculpt your face for a more youthful and put together look.

Super snug t-shirts

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Shrunken t-shirts or simply wearing a size too small can age you straight away. Having a bit of your belly peak out at the bottom, or the fabric hugging the wrong places can make it look like you’ve given up on your appearance with age. Stick to high quality cotton that fits everywhere properly.

Old fashioned cologne

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How you smell can leave a lasting impression. If you’re using a cologne that has a very dated scent or reminds you of a certain decade, it can make you seem older. Visit a department store and ask for samples of smells you enjoy and get paired with a new fresher cologne.

Fabric choice

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Choosing a suit in a dated fabric can make it look like the suit was purchased 30-40 years ago. Certain velvets and cord can be very old fashioned looking and if worn out can make it seem like you’re not up to date with trends or style.

Double denim

Credit: Rex via Capital FM

You might see it on the runway or in trendy magazines, but for the general public this combo is very ageing. Because the trend originated in the 70s/80s, it can drag you back to that era and even make it look like you’re dressing up as your past self.

Dated hats

Credit: Milad Abedi via Permanent Style

Many people don’t wear formal hats to and from work or out the house anymore, so if you choose to wear one it can age you. Fedoras or bowler hats in the wrong environment can make you look like you’re dressing up as a character, so choose one good quality hat and wear it to formal occasions.

‘Sporty’ sunglasses

Credit: FELRES via eBay

Unless you’re going skiing or hiking, don’t wear narrow wrap around sunglasses outside the house. Chrome style thin sunglasses can age you because they don’t add any framing or shape to your face. Choose a more stylish pair for casual wear, that have wider lenses and sleeker shapes for a more sophisticated look.

Out of place earrings

Credit: Twistedpendant via Etsy

Men can suit ear piercings if they’re done right. However, having an old fashioned stud or a badly kept ring can make you look so much older. As you age, it’s recommended to not have hoop earrings as it can make you seem like you’re trying too hard to stay young, which in turn can age you.

Baggy shirts

Credit: Fruugo

You don’t need huge muscles to look good, just a shirt that fits your body well. Shirts that are too big can make you look small framed and older, as we associate age with shrinking. Try shirts on in the store if you can, to avoid making the wrong purchase.

Random color combos

Credit: Colorbux

There are a few fashion rules to follow when it comes to color. Pairing a blue suit with brown shoes, a black belt and pink shirt can make you look uncoordinated and not up to date with style trends. To look younger and more put together, match certain aspects of your outfit, like belts and shoes.

Old bags

Credit: Johnny Urban

Brief cases are pretty timeless, but make sure yours isn’t falling apart. If you don’t work in an office environment, try a good quality backpack in a neutral color over a drawstring sports bag. The small differences will make you look more put together and backpacks can make you look younger.

Super skinny pants

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Leave the skin tight pants to the teens. Older men who try to wear skinny jeans or tight dress pants often look out of place and uncomfortable. The tightness can also accentuate skinnier legs which can make you look more frail and older. Stick to slim fit, not skinny.

Too much bling

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Jewellery is great and can add sophistication to your outfit, however don’t go over board. Stacks of huge rings and heavy necklaces can make you look like you’re showing off or trying to hide behind your bling. Stick to a few flashy pieces, and choose a watch over a flashy necklace.

Poorly tied tie

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The small details matter. Your neckline is close to your face, so it’s one of the first things people notice about you. A loose or wrongly tied tie can make you look clumsy and older. Try out some new knot styles to spice it up, and double check the mirror before you leave the house.

Neglecting your hands

Credit: Brosa via Getty via The Guardian

Your face, neck and hands are some of the first things to show signs of aging. Having neat hands can rewind the years, because people often notice hands when talking or working. Keeping neat nails and using a hand cream to prevent extra wrinkles is always good to prevent early aging signs.

Waistcoats over T-shirts


Wearing a waistcoat in a casual setting is a sure way to age you. The trend of waistcoats over t-shirts was popular in the 90s pop punk scene, so doing that in the 2020s will make you seem out of date. Stick to wearing them as part of a suit, or if you need one for uniform only.

Worn out knitwear

Credit: Ragkid via Depop

Your favorite sweater needs to retire. A knit sweater full of holes or pulled yarns can age you because it looks like you’re wearing clothing older than your kids. Upgrade your wardrobe with newer knits that haven’t bobbled yet and invest in good quality fabrics if you can so they last longer.

Super long hair

Credit: Christian Buehner via Unsplash

It can be hard to let go of your hair, but really long hair on men can age them rapidly. Hair becomes thinner with age, so allowing it to grow past your shoulder in that condition can make you seem so much older as it looks wispy. A good cut closer to the head can take 10 years off.

Baggy pants

Credit: eBay

Having slacks or pants falling off you can make you seem untidy and also like you’re shrinking. Aim to get a sleek pair of pants that elongate the leg and fit well around the waist and ankle. Wearing a belt can make you look put together, so don’t be put off by a slightly big waist.

Argyle sweater vests

Credit: Light In The Box

Probably the most common things worn by grandpas. Argyle style knits can look stylish and classy, but often the sweater vests can make you look like you’re way older. Avoid pairing both argyle and sweater vests, and just pick one or the other to wear separately.

Unkept hair

Credit: Tim Mossholder via Unsplash

Unless your hair is super short, it needs some form of styling before you leave the house. Having messy hair can make you look older, as if it’s fluffy and not combed it can look thinner. Invest in at least one product to help style it, like a mousse or styling gel.

Socks and sandals

Credit: Erwans Socks via Pexels

This style choice has become a bit of a joke on the internet. Probably because it’s a popular choice with dads and middle aged men. Don’t fall for the ‘comfort’ of it, because it will age you due to the internet connotations if nothing else.

Skimpy swim trunks

Credit: Speedos via Amazon

No one wants to see you wearing next to nothing at the pool. Speedo style trunks were popular in the 70s and 80s but they absolutely should not be worn at your public pool now. Skimpy swimwear will make you seem older dramatically by decade association.

Too much black

Credit: Sebastian Voortman via Pexels

Wearing all black all the time can wash you out, regardless of your skin tone. As you age, you start to lose pigment in your skin, especially the rosiness from your cheeks, so don’t make it worse by draining out more color with black. Pair black bases with other, brighter colors to balance it out.

Overdressing in casual settings

Credit: Rolando Brando via Pexels

It’s endearing when we see the elderly in ties and dresses for a casual meal, but that’s because they were born in a decade that did that. If you want to seem youthful, dress for the occasion carefully and don’t go overboard with wearing blazers for the movie theater.

Out dated prints

Credit: Hawes & Curtis

That button down shirt you’ve had for 30 years probably isn’t a pattern that people are still wearing. Don’t get caught out with trendy patterns from specific decades, because they are always going to be noticeable. For example, paisley print is associated with the 60s/70s and isn’t worn very much in this decade.

Creased and unclean clothes

Credit: Leticia Almeida via The Spruce

Showing up to the office or event with an un-ironed shirt can make you look messy and lazy. Usually when we get older we put less effort into our appearance, so fight against that stereotype to remain looking more youthful. Make sure to have no major creases or animal hair stuck to you before you leave the house.

High waisted pants

Credit: SunnySideCouture via Etsy

If your pants come over your belly button with a belt and shirt tucked in, you will look like the old man stereotype. If you’re on the shorter side, get your pant legs tailored to fit your leg length and don’t just make it work by hoisting them up to your belly.

Fanny packs

Credit: Kaerel via Amazon

Nothing screams middle aged like a fanny pack. Sure, they may seem practical, but they also drag down the style of your look. Try a backpack instead to help store your things and also keep your outfit neutral and more youthful. Or try a sport style cross body bag across your chest rather than your waist.

Tucked in polo shirts

Credit: Amazon

Polo shirts aren’t necessarily the thing that’s aging you, but how you style them is. Tucking in polo shirts makes you look older, as it’s a style associated with older men who are trying to look smart but relaxed – a tricky combo to pull off. Choose a shirt that is the right length for your torso so it doesn’t over balance your body.

Hawaiian shirts

Credit: Aloha Shirt Shop

Unless you’re on a summer vacation, wearing Hawaiian shirts on the daily can really age you. The print has associations with the stereotype of ‘dads on vacation’, and that can add 10 years on to you without you realising. Try a looser fitting shirt without the hibiscus flower print.


Credit: PreisingLegacy via Etsy

Made trendy in the 1920/30s, suspenders can look chic in the right setting but aging in others. If you’re heading to a fancy dinner party or wedding, suspenders can elevate the look of your suit. Wearing them casually, however, can make you look way older than you are and is one to avoid.

Velcro sneakers

Credit: Gola via Wynsors

We all want to be comfy, especially as we get older. Velcro sneakers, however, are maybe a step too far if you’re still mobile and moving around a lot. Velcro can immediately make it seem like you’re old beyond your years, opting for the style out of necessity rather than laziness. Ditch the convenience and invest in some comfy lace up sneakers instead.

Dated cardigans

Credit: Chums

An old, worn out cardigan looks exactly that, old and worn out. A good quality cardigan can be a good staple for colder months, but be sure to choose a good knit and fabric that doesn’t make it look like you bought it 20 years ago. Avoid argyle style knits.

Excessive cologne

Credit: Thomas Clipper

A super strong cologne can be overpowering and aging. How you smell can leave a lasting impression on someone, so if your cologne almost knocks them out it’s not necessarily a good impression. Wear cologne lightly, especially if you work in a closed space office setting.

Cargo shorts

Credit: Amazon

Baggy shorts with a hundred pockets aren’t necessarily the hip style choice you think they are. Having so many pockets may seem practical so you don’t have to carry a bag, but these shorts are so aging. They are useful for if you’re going fishing, and that’s pretty much the only setting they look acceptable in.

Wide brimmed hats

Credit: Two Roads Hat Co.

Huge wide brimmed hats can make you look smaller. Having something big on your head and shrowding your face can age you, and make you look shrunken down and more frail. If you are a hat kind of person, stick to hats that don’t add loads of shadow to your face.

Tall socks

Credit: Flagship Boutique

Pulling up your socks to your calves with every outfit can make your outfit look silly or more senior. Typically, older men wear high socks either to stay warm or because that’s the style they grew up with. So make sure that when you have pants on you don’t hike your socks up higher they need to be.

Eyebrow piercings

Credit: Shawn Pierce via YouTube

You may think piercings will make you seem more youthful and ‘cool’ but, as you age, your skin begins to sag. Piercings, especially in the eyebrow, can actually grow out of place… and having a piece of metal pulling down on your eyebrow can make you seem way older due to the enhanced wrinkles.


Credit: WeAllSew

This seems like another stereotype for middle aged men, so don’t get caught up in that. Popular in the 80s/90s, these caps make you seem older simply because of the decade they were trendy in. A good baseball cap will have the same shading effect and can make your outfit look cooler too.

Oversized bowties

Credit: Ferucci via eBay

A sleek bowtie with a tux can look suave and timeless, but a giant messy bow tie can make you look out of place. The bigger the bowtie, the smaller your face or shoulders can look, which can shrink you down and make you seem older. Stick to bow ties that fit snugly and don’t overpower the rest of your tux.

Novelty ties

Credit: Dapper Jack

Fun for a Christmas party or birthday, but can be a bit silly on the daily. Novelty ties are a joke and that’s okay, so don’t continue the joke everyday at work. This can make you seem older, or like you’re trying too hard to remain ‘carefree’ and ‘hip’.

Pleated tux shirt

Credit: Oliver Brown

In the right setting, these can look smart, but there are only a few settings like that. The pleated style can look aging in a more casual setting, due to the dated style of the dress shirt. It’s not common to see that sort of pleating in modern day dress shirts which is why it can add 10+ years to your look.

Camo print

Credit: AS Color

Camo print was created to serve as a purpose… and that purpose was not going to the bar with your buddies. Even though it became trendy in mainstream fashion for a short while, it’s really not cool anymore.Wearing the print casually, outside of hunting or fishing, can make you seem older and out of touch. Furthermore, it’s generally made up of duller colors which can wash you out.

Oversized belt buckles

Credit: Urban Outfitters

A big chunky buckle can break up your outfit, making it go from stylish to frumpy in no time at all. Giant metal buckles disturb the flow of your outfit and can make you look older as it looks like you’re wearing a dated belt from back when you were young.

Velcro wallets

Credit: Timberland via eBay

Velcro just makes everything seem older and frumpier. Unless you work in a job that you need an extra sturdy wallet for, the traditional leather with folds or one with a press stud can make you look more put together. A good wallet can be an extension of your outfit.

Out dated leather jackets

Credit: Leather Company

Leather jackets don’t make you look as cool as you think. Wearing that jacket from the 80s will make you look like you’re trying to re-live your youth in the modern day, which comes across as trying too hard. Invest in a more timeless style of jacket that can be worn for years.

Oversized trench coats

Credit: Raey via Matches Fashion

We’ve all seen the detectives from 1940s movies. Oversized trench coats give exactly that look, and not only that, the oversized silhouette shrinks your frame. Trench coats can look sophisticated, but always choose one that fits well and doesn’t overwhelm your body. If you find the perfect fit, you’ll avoid making your shoulders look swallowed by the material.

Turtle neck sweaters

Credit: Arthur Beale

A high neck can age you rapidly. Covering up the neck can make you look smaller as the neck is one of the first parts of the body others see. They are also associated with older men, as they’re often worn to keep warm if you’re slightly more frail. Instead, choose a rounded neckline and pair with a scarf.

Not wearing sunscreen

Credit: Kindel Media via Pexels

Time and sunlight are two of the most common causes of ageing. You can’t stop time, but you can prevent further wrinkles by wearing an SPF on the face every day. It may seem silly if it’s not super sunny outside, but UV rays can effect your skin no matter the weather. Include a face-specific SPF into your morning skincare routine as soon as you can.

Bowling shirts

Credit: eBay

If you’re not at the bowling center, don’t go out daily in a bowling shirt. They can be quite ageing due to them being trendy years ago, so by default they can make you seem older than you are. They are also often rather baggy, which can overwhelm your frame and make you seem shorter.

Pinstripe suits

Credit: Jack Martin Menswear

A pinstripe suit can quickly look like you’re dressing up for a decades party. Stripes aren’t seen much in modern day suits, especially the traditional black and white pinstripe pattern. Steer away from choosing this fabric on your next suit shopping event and stick to a more timeless black or block color style.


Credit: Crocs via Charlies

Crocs have made a new resurgence in the last few years amongst teens and young adults, but that doesn’t mean you should jump on the trend. Crocs are super comfy but so, so ugly. Young people are wearing them simply because they’re currently trendy, but they don’t have the same effect when an older adult chooses to wear them out and about.

Shell suits

Credit: Blue 17 Vintage Clothing

The 80s look may be thriving with teens and young people today, but don’t be tempted to grab yours out of storage and use it to workout in. They’ve become such a signifier for the decade, wearing a shell suit will either make you look like you’re on your way to a costume party, or you’re older than you’re letting on.

Old band t-shirts

Credit: Old School tees

That band tee you love never needs to be thrown away, especially if it’s from a sentimental concert. If you’re trying to look smarter out of the house, though, maybe choose something else to wear. It’s basically a badge of the time you were young, or a sign of a refusal to grow up, especially if it’s not a mainstream band the kids still listen to today.


Credit: Dapper Jack

There’s a time and place. Cravats are one of those accessories that can quickly make you seem way older if worn in a too casual setting, especially if they have an outdated print on them. If you have one you love in your closet, we’re not urging you to ditch it, just save it for a special occasion where dressing up is required.

Excessive hair gel

Credit: Mario Castello via Mens Journal

It can be tricky styling your hair, especially if it’s starting to thin. A little amount of gel goes a long way, so start small and add as you need. Too much gel can give you an old fashioned slick back hairstyle, which probably wasn’t what you were trying to achieve.

Square toed shoes

Credit: Morts and More

Square toed dress shoes can have a more dated look as they became popular in the late 1950s. To modernise your look or work uniform, try a more rounded toe as this silhouette has a more timeless look and can be worn for years to come. A more dramatic squared toe can also make you look shorter.

Oversized backpacks

Credit: Avoguish

Carrying a huge bag on your back is not only impractical unless you’re off on a camping trip, but can also damage your back and cause significant pain. An oversized backpack can alter your posture and can give you a slumped over look, which can make you seem older. The size of the bag can make you look smaller in comparison too.

Smoking jackets

Credit: Craftanddesignshop via Etsy

This historic style of jacket has lost popularity in the modern day, so even more modernised versions can make you look older. The mix of the velvet, corduroy and the wrap around belt creates a very dated look, so these should just be worn in the comfort of your home and never out of the house.

Outdated graphic t-shirts

Credit: Retro Styler

Wearing a t-shirt with a catch phrase or pop culture reference from a few decades ago will show your age just by association. Like the band tee, there’s nothing wrong with having personal items from your past; if you want to look more put together when at work or at a party, though, maybe leave the graphic tees at home.

Oversized polo shirts

Credit: Oversizemen

Polo shirt fabric doesn’t hold very well, especially when it’s too baggy on the wearer. The sleeves can become misshapen and floppy, which can also alter the appeared shape of your body and arms. If the shirt is too big, the collar can start to protrude out and make you look untidy.

Cargo vests

Credit: HOT MILK Vintage clothing

The second half to the cargo shorts. These vests look out of place if they’re not being used in a practical setting like fishing or hiking. Rule of thumb to looking more put together and youthful, don’t wear outdoor gear in casual settings. If you don’t want to give up your pockets, consider opting for a canvas style jacket instead.

Pleated khaki pants

Credit: Dillard’s

They can look smart, but they also look outdated. The mixture of both pleats and khaki adds to the ageing factor, as you often see these style of pants on Grandfathers. If you like the look of pleats, choose a more timeless color like black or grey as they can be incorporated into any work outfit.

Wide neck ties

Credit: Amazon

Slimmer ties just look much more sophisticated as they blend better with the dress shirt. Wide ties became popular in the 1970s into the 80s, which is why you often see them associated with the big 80s silhouette. Stick to traditional ties, as neutral colors and patterns to never go out of style.


Credit: Soho Scarves

Neckerchiefs are one of those accessories that we see styled on the runway, but just never seem to look as good on the average person. If you don’t have anything to accessorise along with this mini scarf, it can look like you’ve bought it to be cool but have no clue how to actually wear it.

Heavy eye makeup

Credit: Pose via YouTube

More men are trying out makeup and it’s honestly a good thing to see their confidence and creativity grow. However, heavy black eyeliner around the eyes can make you look super tired or older. If you were rocking out in the alternative scene in the 80s or 90s, you may enjoy a bit of makeup now and then but try not to go too heavy around the eyes.

Wearing pyjamas out

Credit: Lee Valley Ireland

Sometimes you just can’t be bothered getting dressed, especially if you’re only running errands. Dressing up out of sleep or lounge wear will not only make you instantly feel better but also make you look fresher and more put together. Walking about Walmart in your flannel pjs will make people think you’re way older than you actually are.