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‘Funny’ t-shirts

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That funny t-shirt you’re wearing isn’t quite as funny as you think. In fact, the thinly veiled pun only results in an array of eye rolls. It’s a known fact that a man who wears a t-shirt filled with jokes is hiding his lack of style sense through humor. Sometimes the content is just confusing or cringey, too.


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Unless you want to look like a relic of the early 2000s, it’s best to avoid fedoras altogether. They’re the biggest pariah of the hat world, holding connotations of incel men with little-to-no social life. If you’re looking to impress those around you with a fashionable flair, it’s time to part ways with the unsightly fedora.

Clothing that’s too tight

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It’s time to loosen up. You may think that wearing tees and trousers that are that touch too tight shows off your massive muscles, but in reality it makes you look as though you’re trying too hard. Wear clothes that actually fit. Not only will you look better, but you’ll feel much more comfortable.

Sliders and socks

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Just because it’s a current trend, it doesn’t mean that you should follow the crowd. Sliders on their own are all well and good, but when paired with white crew socks (or any socks, for that matter), the combination becomes overly contentious. Pick one or the other – but never both.

A bad undershirt

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An undershirt can make or break an outfit. You need to ensure that the fit, color, and material all match your external outfit. For example, wearing a black undershirt beneath a white shirt is a big fashion no-no, as it’ll ruin the overall aesthetic of your look.

Too many bracelets

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Once you hit a certain age, it’s time to say goodbye to your bracelets. Having multiple leather bands wrapped around your wrists looks as though you’re trying to cling to your youth. Besides, wearing sheaths of bracelets is unhygienic, harboring untold levels of bacteria. Try swapping to a stylish watch, if you still want a wrist accessory.

Oversized jackets

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No matter your age, if you’re wearing a jacket that’s too big for you, you’ll look like a kid wearing his dad’s clothing. The jacket will swallow you up, making you look weak and feeble. Wear jackets that fit nicely around the shoulders and the waist, helping to show off your muscles.

Deep V-necks

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You may think that showing off your chest is an attractive look. Unfortunately, all it does it makes your upper torso look wider, while the short sleeves make the shirt look as though it doesn’t fit correctly. Stick to normal tees, they’re more appealing to the eye.

Black and navy

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Some colors should just never be paired together – like black and navy. They’re too close of a shade to be pulled off effectively, clashing due to their similarities. Pick either black or navy, but avoid wearing them both at the same time if you want to steer clear of a fashion disaster.

Dad jeans

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If there’s one clothing item you want to avoid at all costs, it’s dad jeans. These jeans are usually high-waisted and slightly baggy, and do absolutely nothing to flatter your frame. They hang from your hips lifelessly, immediately turning any look from daring to drab.

Untucked dress shirts

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When wearing a dress shirt, ensure that it’s always tucked into your pants. An untucked shirt looks lazy and unprofessional, giving off an impression of a man who couldn’t care less about his appearance. If you do tuck your shirt in, ensure that it doesn’t pop out as you go about your day.


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Nobody – male or female – should wear Crocs if they want to come across as a fashionista. They may be comfortable, but they’re an insult to all things fashion. Despite their high levels of ventilation, they’re also regarded by podiatrists as being bad for your feet, offering little in the way of support.

Wide ties

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Ties are a tricky affair. Not only do the color and material need to match the rest of your outfit, but you also need to ensure that the width of your tie matches your body shape. As a general rule, you want to aim for your tie to be around two to three inches wide. Any more than that, and it’ll ruin your look.


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There are only two places you should wear sweatpants – at the gym or in the comfort of your own home. Anywhere else, and it’s a fashion faux pas. As comfortable as they may be, they show a man who isn’t willing to put any effort into his appearance.

Short pants

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When buying pants, the most important thing is to ensure that they fit correctly. If they’re too short, you run the risk of having your ankles – or even worse – your socks on display. As a general rule, your pants should sit just above the top of your shoes.

Wrinkled clothing

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It’s fashion advice 101 – make sure your shirts are ironed! Going out in creased garments gives off a shabby appearance, immediately ruining your outfit. Pay attention to the entire garment, ensuring that you thoroughly iron the arms and collars as well as the front of the shirt.


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Unless you’re going back in time to the 60s, it’s time to part ways with any tie-dye tops. They’re bold and brash, catching the eye of everyone in your vicinity. Unless you’re able to rock a Bohemian-based style with unabashed confidence, it’s best to avoid tie-dye garments entirely.

Pointed shoes

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Pointed shoes are good for one thing – dressing up as a witch for Halloween. Other than that, you should leave them on the shelf. They give your entire body an odd shape, throwing off the proportions of your legs. They’re also susceptible to scuffing, ruining your overall aesthetic.

Scruffy sneakers

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You can wear the best outfit in the entire world, but all of your hard work will be undone by pairing it with scruffy sneakers. They don’t need to look as though they’re fresh out of the box, but you should avoid any stains, marks, or signs of wear and tear. If you have a favorite pair, occasionally give them a clean.

Baggy jeans

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Unless you’re a rapper from the 90s, there’s no reason for you to be wearing baggy jeans. The worst offender is if your underwear is on show. Clean up your act and wear jeans that fit nicely, ensuring that they aren’t too baggy around your waist.

T-shirts with bold logos

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Big, brash logos are the worst kind of flex. If you’re proudly displaying a brand, it comes across as though you’re trying to flaunt your wealth. Instead of being a walking advertisement, only wear logos that are minimalist, putting the focus on the rest of your outfit. Stay away from brands that don’t align with your morals, too.

Horizontal stripes

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Stripes that run across your body aren’t flattering on anyone. They make you look larger than you actually are, and draw onlookers’ eyes in a strange direction, especially when the colors clash. If you’re set on wearing stripes, go vertical. They offer a slimming effect, helping to hide any flabby areas.

Clashing colors

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When going for bright, bold colors, exercise extreme caution. Generally, you should only have one bright color per outfit. Otherwise, you run the risk of having the colors clash, resulting in an overwhelming mixture of tone. If in doubt, keep it clean and simple. The same applies for clashing prints or patterns.

Clothing that’s too loose

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As much as you want to avoid clothing that’s too tight, you don’t want to go too far in the opposite direction. Clothing that’s too loose and baggy can swallow you up, making you look smaller than you actually are. A baggy fit can also give off the impression of a sloppy man – someone who’s not willing to put an effort into his appearance.

Scruffy clothing

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Worn patches, fabric bobbles, and fraying strands should be avoided at all costs. Rocking clothes that are showing signs of wear and tear will ruin your entire appearance. If your clothes are starting to fray, consider getting them repaired or updating your wardrobe. It’s not too difficult to get a suitable replacement!

Chunky necklaces

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Statement necklaces are great at sprucing up any bland or dull outfit – but ensure you try and keep it simple. If you’re rocking a chunky chain, ensure that it’s of the highest quality. Otherwise, you run the risk of leaving a nasty green stain on your skin.

Square toed shoes

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Square toed shoes are a big fashion no-no. They might have been all the rage in the 90s, but times have (thankfully) moved on since then. The shape of the shoe doesn’t follow the line of the foot, making them look unnatural and clunky.

Wrong length shorts

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When summer hits, it’s imperative to wear shorts in order to keep cool. However, make sure that these shorts are the appropriate length. If they go past the knee, they make you look shorter than you actually are. If they’re too short, they’ll look as though they don’t fit you properly.

Velcro shoes

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Velcro shoes were specifically created for seniors and children. They’re made with ease in mind, not fashion, resulting in clunky footwear that immediately draws the eye downwards. Unless you’re unable to tie knots, there’s no excuse to be wearing Velcro shoes – opt for dress shoes or smart sneakers instead.

Skinny jeans

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Skinny jeans can be attractive, but only when you get the right size. You want to avoid skinny jeans that are overly tight, as they can through off your body proportions. Not only can they look unappealing, but they can be incredibly uncomfortable to wear. It’s usually a smart idea to go with a style that’s looser-fitting.

Double denim

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Unless you know your way around fashion, you should avoid wearing double denim at all costs. It rarely works effectively, with the different blue tones and clashing materials creating a hot mess. Wear either denim jeans or a denim jacket, but avoid wearing them together.

Side-cut tank tops

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There’s only one reason why men wear a side-cut tank top – to show off their muscles. While it certainly achieves this feat, it can also make the wearer seem arrogant and try hard. Let your muscles speak for themselves and appropriately cover them up, leaving something to the imagination.

Studded belts

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These belts were all the rage back in the early 2000s, made popular by emo bands like My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy. Now, however, times have changed. They show a man who’s unwilling to let go of his younger years, unable to shift into a modern style. There are plenty of alternatives capable of such a style!

Ugg boots

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If you want to wear slippers, wear slippers. Don’t wear Ugg boots outside of the house and act as though they’re an acceptable replacement for actual shoes. Not only will passersby raise a few eyebrows, but these shoes are also unable to withstand the harsh conditions of the outside world.

Cargo shorts

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Balance is vitally important if you want to come across as being well-dressed. Unfortunately, cargo shorts completely throw your balance off center, making you look bottom-heavy. This is heightened if you use the numerous pockets on your shorts, weighing you down and shortening your frame.

Gaudy rings

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Let your outfit speak for itself – you don’t need to embellish your fingers with eye-catching rings in order to show off your personality. In the modern era, the more simple your outfits are, the better. Stick to one or two rings – anything else is just overkill.

Bucket hats

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While they may be good at protecting your entire head from the sun, bucket hats give your head a mushroom-esque shaped silhouette – which isn’t at all flattering. They’re also an obvious attempt at trying to hide any bad hair days, showing the world that you can’t be bothered to make an effort with your appearance.

Sports sunglasses

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Unless you’re actually engaging in the sport, you shouldn’t be wearing sports sunglasses. Not only are these items unfashionable, but they also don’t provide significant protection to your eyes from the harsh UV rays from the sun, resulting in serious issues later in life. When you want to wear sunglasses, make sure they’re fit for the job.

Sneakers with suits

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There’s nothing better than a crisp, clean suit. The entire look begins to unravel, however, when you pair a suit with a pair of sneakers – it goes from smart to shoddy in no time flat. Do yourself a favor and wear a pair of smart shoes, instead. There are plently of smart shoe options that are just as comfy!

Mismatched styles

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When putting together an outfit, you want to ensure that everything goes together perfectly. Avoid mixing too many different styles together. If you’re wearing a garment with a bold design or pattern on it, ensure that the rest of your outfit is relatively simple. That way, you can look good and fashion-forward.