Here are some examples to help you express your love for your partner without having to say a word.

1. Send a box of chocolates (must be the fancy, expensive kind) with a romantic poem.

2. Send her a bouquet of red roses. Nothing says it more than a dozen roses.

3. Send small, unexpected gifts to show that you care. Think about what your partner’s hobbies or interests are. The gift could be a book, a gadget or as simple as a packet of his favourite sweets.

4. Sing a few lines of your ’special’ song into his voicemail.


5. Brag about your partner to friends while he is nearby. It’ll will make him feel like a million dollars.


6. Buy her jewellery. For some reason, women like rare, expensive rocks and metals. The more the merrier, but more often than not, just the thought of receiving jewellery from her man is enough to make her smile all day.

7. Never, never forget her birthday, your wedding anniversary or other special days. Put it in your diary, get someone to remind you, pay if you have to. Invest in a PDA or subscribe to a free online calendar like Yahoo Calendar.

8. Send her an online greeting card. There are many wonderfully creative sites out there where you can send love cards for free. Do it today.

9. Take your partner on long walks and hold his hand. Go star-gazing.


10. Plan and cook a meal together.

11. Write a romantic love letter or love note. Some people find it easier to write down how they feel.

12. Listen to what she’s saying. Really listen. Active listening involves eye contact, repeating what the other person has said, mirroring their body movements, etc. Don’t try to give a solution to her problems, just provide a listening ear.

13. Write and sing her a love song, if you’re musically inclined.

14. Take her on a drive in a convertible and watch the sunset.


15. Take note of his best qualities and tell him how great he is. Tell the truth!

If you can think of any more, please leave them in the comments. Or Share the love.