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If you heard the word Facebook-o-holic, I’m sure a face or two – or ten – would pop into mind. How can one tell they are hooked on Facebook? Here are 15 indicators. Careful though…you might just be the one who can’t get enough!

#1 You Can Never Get Enough Of Yourself-ie

You are not sure why, but you cannot stop taking pictures of yourself on your cell phone! You just look way too good right now and the entire world needs to see this!

Okay, it’s been a whole 2 and a half minutes – time for another selfie!

And so there are pictures of you everywhere! It’s as if you have a camera on you all the time – you are living a near-virtual reality show. Let’s face it – you love yourself so much it almost feels like hate.

#2 There is a post for nearly every moment in your life

You are the one who is always saying how wonderful things are – when they are not. “My girl/boyfriend is so awesome!” when you know he’s cheating on you that very minute. “Look at how much fun I’m having!” you post as you are loading groceries into the car. I mean, really? You know we know the real truth, right?


#3 You put your readers to sleep

Should I wear this dress or that skirt on the date? The questions go on and on… You might want to notice that folks have stopped commenting because they are bored.

#4 You feel compelled to tell the world you are cool

You are constantly posting pics of your adventures. Look! I’m standing on a rock in the middle of nowhere! Look at my abs – don’t I look hot? I’m drinking a ton of beer in this really cool bar – which you can clearly see behind me. I’m smoking – again!

Your real friends might not want to tell you because they don’t want to offend you. Clearly, there are issues as you keep endorsing your self-destructive behaviors in public.

#5 Your constant emotional outbursts

OMG – you were just out and your BF was talking to another girl. OMG you were at the grocery store and someone was rude to you. OMG your teacher was totally being mean to you a few minutes ago.

You seem to always be a victim and everyone is out to get you. The reality – your perspective is off and we all really don’t care. You might be center of your world, but you are not the center of ours!

#6 You feel compelled to always share your opinion

After a while, we get a little tired of seeing post after post of one person’s opinion on just about everything. If you spent the time you spend on Facebook with people, you might learn a think or two – like social skills!

#7 The Sidekick

There is only one thing more annoying than the Facebook-o-holic – and that’s their Sidekick. This is the person who constantly responds to and is in support of the addicted one. In essence, we watch an ugly episode of codependency unfurl right in front of us. The addicted one keeps getting validated by the Sidekick and the Sidekick is validated by the holic. It’s sick. Please stop!


#8 You clog the feed

No matter what time of day, you seem to be online, loading new posts. So many more poor once in a while posters can’t get their stuff online because you are always there!

#9 You become a one-trick pony

You feel like you talk about the same thing over and over – or worse, you do this and have no clue that that is what you are doing. It’s either politics or how people dress…you seem to hit the same topics over and over. You might want to try something else!

#10 You come across as a meanie

You are the one who always has the caustic response to everyone else’s posting. You probably think you are being funny, but likely you are only turning everyone else off. Or worse, people even think, “I wonder what __ will respond back. – they always respond to everything.” You don’t want to be that person!

#11 You post while drunk

Let’s be clear – booze and the internet are not a good combo. No matter what, you will always think it’s great at the time and wake up with regret – because you actually look like an idiot. It’s great entertainment for everyone else – unfortunately, it’s at your expense.

#12 It’s all about me!

You just cannot stop talking about yourself. Wanna know why? Because our mouths often are an outflow of what is in our hearts! So that means you are likely thinking about yourself or things on your terms most of the time. Well thanks for letting us know how very selfish you are – please start thinking of others too! Why not try serving the poor or getting involved with a charity?

#13 You are a #hashtag lover

You add as many hashtags as you can to your posts….uh….so annoying!


#14 You are the foodie – always smacking away

Pictures of your food – morning, noon and night gets old fast. Unless you work for the Food Network or are otherwise a professional Foodie – please save it. It’s gross.

#15 You are in denial

You are watching TV and think about posting what you are watching. You are washing dishes and think of a post. You are at the movies…you… You can’t seem to stop! It’s time to put Facebook to rest and actually face your Fabo-fettish!