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Every good woman needs a good girlfriend. You can always just feel free to be yourself no matter what. There is never any judgment – just total craziness and lots of goofy laughter.

We all know just the girls we are talking about. Here are some of the things that only BFFs do together:

#1 Talk about who added or un-friended them on social media

Some people are worth an announcement and others – a beer or two. Who’s who in the BF’s zoo is always a hot topic of conversation. Who else would you possibly share all the juicy secrets with? And who wouldn’t want to be your friend just to say they did?

#2 You hug when you see each other

Chicks are big on hugging – after all, we are bosom buddies. But not every embrace is of equal weight – there are actually levels to hugs:

a) The Spontaneous Hug: Let’s say you are on the street, in your zone and then — BAM! — you see your bestie and simultaneously scream out “Oh-em-gee, hey!” That would b the time to hug.

b) The Friendly Hug: It doesn’t matter that you just saw her two hours ago at Nordstrom’s – you are running into her again and great each other as if it has been weeks or months.

c) The Oh-so-awkward Hug: One starts the hug while the other ducks and in embarrassment you both walk away. It happens – no one ever likes to share it, but it does.

#3 You start your sentences the exact same way.

“Seriously. I’m not gonna lie to you. I’m finding myself using the exact same expressions. Like seriously.”

#4 You ask and honestly answer each other as to whether they need nose jobs

…or boob jobs, or a little botox, or to lose weight. We all know the answer will be “no,” but that still won’t stop us from asking. “Tell me honestly, really, I promise I won’t be offended.”

#5 You discuss your dreams

What do we dream about? What is bigger than us to fulfill? We share these things with each other. Granted, the statements are still book-ended with “like” and “seriously.” Like seriously.

#6 You make absolutely amazing exercise and diet plans — and then get drunk instead

Plan extravagantly. Eat healthy. Drink. Get drunk. Eat horribly. Recover. Repeat. It’s a vicious cycle.

#7 You share your sad stories with each other

It starts with, “I don’t mean to be Debbie-downer…but can I share something?” Two boxes of tissue later…

#8 You speak life over each other — especially in areas where the other one can’t see it

“I know you can’t see this right now, but I really think you have it in you to do something about this situation. You are a powerful person and you make good decisions. How would it feel to know that you had the situation resolved? What steps can you take now to enable that to happen?”

#9 You name things

Every date and dump has a name: Motorcycle Mike, Bootleg Ben, Smiling Hot Steve.

#10 You discuss body hair

Is that the Amazon down there? Try my waxing friend – she’s great.

#11 You have no issues chilling together but still text while you are at it

Enuf said :-p

#12 Decide that talking smack is a form of venting

Everyone needs a place to vent – the good, the bad and the ugly.

#13 You celebrate each other’s birthdays for an entire week

Why settle for one day when you can have 7?

#14 You send dozens of frantic text messages in a row and think nothing of it

>Guess who I just saw?


>He’s here again

>w her


>U won’t believe what he’s wearing

>or what she’s wearing!


>I’m getting light headed

(u get the idea)

#15 You constantly use movie quotes to express how you are feeling

You wanna grab dinner or are you still working? “Negative Ghost Rider, the pattern is full.”

#16 You hold intense debates on silly things like hair color and which season is best

I was thinking about getting a Friends haircut. The first season was best. No! I liked the 3rd.

#17 You hypothesize together on the lives of people you don’t know and stalk on Facebook

You haven’t seen someone in over 15 years. Suddenly you have imagined what their life must be like — and just to confirm you check Facebook each day for an update.