We decided to drop the question out to our Facebook Page, “what things do men do in bed that women hate?”

If only it was always as perfect as in the movies
If only it was always as perfect as in the movies

The answers we received were actually a combination of funny, scary, disturbing and just rude. We have compiled a list of some of our favorites below.

Take time to read through these and maybe you could let your boyfriend know about them by pinning it to the refrigerator 😉

What things do men do in bed that women hate

1. “When they get in bed without a shower or even brushing their teeth!”


2. “When they cut out foreplay all together!” – Come on guys, you should know better by now!


3. “When they only last one minute” – A very popular answer


4. “My ex used to wake me up when i snore, i hated it. Other than that everything is acceptable. Come on ladies don’t be hating them fart, don’t say that you don’t fart, if you really don’t, you need to go to doctor.. just saying“.. lol



5. ‘When they just finish, and it’s like, “hello? Did you hear me finish?” No.’



6. “When they drag it out so long that all I want to do is fall asleep.” – Now that’s just mean

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7. ” I hate when you’re in the mood things get strayed and their breath stinks!! what a turn off” – A bit of mouth wash guys at least?


8. “When they take all the covers, talk in sleep and fart, also stinky feet” – I am not sure who she has been dating but I am sure she can do better.


9. Baggy boxers – Ew



10.  “It might be a turn on during sex…but swear words!!! I like I want to do this all night long…not I want to f×%€ you all night long. Romance goes along way. :(((“


11. “Man stubble. And not the type that’s on his face.” – Tough one because some women love this.


12. When they try to remove my underwear with their teeth – May be a good idea but never as sexy in reality.

Man biting woman's underwear

13. Getting frustrated when they cant make you climax. Really not a turn on guys.


14.  “When a dude tried to do 69 then insists he goes on top, so you basically suffocate under his smelly sack. Gross.”


15. “When they think it’s a good idea to stick objects in you.” Guys just NO.

Cucumber on White

16. “When they think they should try things they have seen online on you.” It never works.


17. “When they expect YOU to put the rubber on them. Erm no!



18. “When they start to pull their “Sex Face” and it just makes you want to laugh, or get the heck out of there.”


19. “When they think I want to be spanked so hard it hurts and ends up just ruining the mood”. 

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So there you have it guys. You now have no excuses for letting your lady down in the bedroom department.