Like many of us, I am positive there are times in your life that you just want your hair to look great but do not want to put that much effort into it. If this is the case (which I KNOW it either has been or will be!) then these quick tips are certainly going to help you out!

1. This cute and quick updo only takes 20 seconds. Just split, knot, twist and pin!


2. If you are looking for a faster way to curl your hair then here it is! Just put your hair in a ponytail first then divide and conquer!




3. Another common problem is not have time to take or let alone wash your hair in the morning, and if your hair gets greasy overnight then this is a perfect tip for you! Just put in your dry shampoo the night before then wahla! Perfect looking parts with added volume!


4. If you want to add a little more volume to your ponytail then this is a great way! Just add two bobby pins!


5. OR! If you are not interested in messing with bobby pins all you simply have to do is add another hair tie.


6. Another really fast and totally cute updo is to roll your hair up in an elastic hairband.


7. You can always try this one out. Just tuck and cover! Take a look!


8. A really cool tip to make your hair softer and healthier is to go to a sauna frequently, use that time to deep condition your hair. All you have to do is massage some deep conditioner into your hair.


9. You can always learn to create a bun by not using any bobby pins, hair ties, clips or pencils. All you have to do is twist your hair into a bun, lifting up each time and tucking it under!




10. A great tip if you have thick hair is to “half wash it” in the sink. This way you cleanse your hair of all the grease and dirt and it only takes half the time to dry!


11. The AMAZING Messy bun! The dirtier your hair the better it holds!


12. This hairstyle is great if you are trying to grow out your bangs. However it takes only 10 seconds and looks cute and finished.


13. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day is a great multitasking product. It works as a conditioner and a UV and heat protectant.


14. Make your ponytail look even bigger and fuller with a secret butterfly clip!


15. A really cute twisty bun only takes a minute to complete!


16. If you are really pressed for time usually, try investing in a hands free blow dryer. Styling with both hands is much easier and faster.


17. This half-done braid will stay even better in dirty hair!


18. Stretch natural hair without heat in just 10 minutes!

19. Have a problem with flyaways?


20. This bun looks beautifully finished and makes only a minute to do!



Of course we know that there are many more ways to do your hairstyle justice but we really think these ones will give you an upper hand on getting that (mess) tamed. Well hopefully it’s not a mess most of the time, right? Make sure to share with your friends.